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White Plants

Do you feel you ‘never quite get’ to do what you came here to do perhaps because ‘life keeps cropping up’ JUST as you were getting close ?

Did you know your NOT here to put other peoples needs before your own - no matter HOW much you love them!

The idea that you’re here to rescue, sacrifice, over give or put up with less than you deserve is BS!

Your life purpose is first and foremost about YOU!


I’m Sheelagh Maria, a Psychic Medium of over 17 years, wife, mama bear and author and I know first hand how hard it can be to juggle the responsibilities of family & work and yet ‘still feel’ that you have more to give the world!


I believe with all my heart you have been guided here for a reason, I believe you’ve been led here because there’s something in you that Knows that because, not in spite, of everything you’ve been through given and learnt, you have a purpose which can Also change lives, most importantly yours!

I offer Life Changing Bespoke ‘Psychic Soul Purpose’ coaching, which focuses on,

Your soul type – which describes your awareness ‘this time’ on earth

Your major life theme – which is the basis of all the challenges you have had or will have

Your CURRENT soul purpose – which is what you need to tackle now and next in your life

Your cosmic name – which perfectly describes who you are as an infinite being

& Your Spiritual Gifts, which enable YOU to tap into your higher self and Spiritual team to get ‘guidance on the go’ that you can trust!


My name is Sheelagh Maria

As a Psychic Intuitive I have the ability to look at your current timeline and see clearly how things are most likely to evolve.

I can also see what is blocking you from getting the results and outcomes you crave.

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The Queen Code

Getting ready to rock your own world!


Hello beautiful one, are you feeling overwhelmed and as if your not achieving what you could?

Do you wish you 'had time' to get the advice and guidance that YOU need but your So busy helping everyone else that you never get to it?

Need something 'just for you' to help you be the awesome Queen you are ?

We got ya!


Here at 'Queen Code' we have a array of offerings to tick ALL those boxes.


This is a membership with a difference, it's all about empowering YOU to take control in your life.

We want you to feel supported as you help everyone else.

We ALSO want you to be ready to 'Kick ass' if you need too.

You get ALL of this for ONLY £19.99 a month - these offerings are designed to help you help yourself in ALL areas of life.

Our Services


Money Illustrative

Are you tired of settling and unsure how to break free? Tried countless law of attraction methods with little lasting change? Stuck in a seemingly unchangeable situation despite affirmations?

Psychic Money Magnet alters your life—if you act. Face fears, take chances. Set excuses aside for change. If you have untapped potential, it's your moneymaker.

Image by Greg Rakozy

Are you a empath and healer and are ready to expand with your gifts but every time you try do you find that you get stopped because of life or family issues ?

Would you like to be able to help your loved one with blocks in their path whilst also being ready to uplevel yourself?

Then this course is for you!

Would you like to stay connected and receive a free PDF on  
'Your Soul Purpose Guide To abundance'

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If you’d like to contact me to discuss your needs please either email me or fill in the form and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

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