Sheelagh Maria Spirit Medium

The Spirit World Is Much closer than you think.
If you are wanting confirmation that your loved
ones are close,
then let us help.
Our loved ones see and know everything that
we are struggling with at the moment and they
want to help you to move forward,
a reading with me will put your mind at ease,
we will then focus upon your
concerns and help you to have absolute clarity
about your next steps. 
I am first and foremost a Medium, and a Psychic second,
so in a session with me we will focus on connecting you with
your loved ones, who are eager to speak with you,
and then we will answer any questions you have about your path.
I am passionate about reuniting you with those you have lost, and providing you with the
 peace of mind you seek – we cant wait to help you soon

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Sheelagh Maria Spirit Medium


If you’re feeling worn out and unable to prioritize what comes next & you need some
support but can’t put your finger on exactly that would be – let me help
I specialise in connecting you to the design you created for yourself prior to earth, I
am able to tap into what your higher self wants you to know, and what is truly most
important for you to tackle now – we can also highlight why the things you’ve tried
haven’t worked for you, and most importantly help you connect to your Truth so
that you can start to change your life.

If You’re a spiritual seeker who has tried all the modalities, all the law of attraction
teachings and are still unclear on what you’re here to do learn and share we can
and will help you.

Your Frustration is because there is a part of you that knows there is something
you are missing, and your fear is often because you sense change is needed but
you cannot control what that may be.

I see powerful soul sisters losing their way because they are scared they will end up
alone, have to start again, or fear losing someone they love, I have been through
this too, and the ONLY guidance that EVER helped was from my own Higher Self –
this is what I want to help you with.

Whether it’s understanding how someone else Really feels, or hearing what your
life theme is or learning to tune into your true self’s wishes this is what we do to
help we also offer clearings that are so powerful that they will help you often within


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