The Law Of Attraction – My Arse…..


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You’ve heard the old adage that you are a spirit having a human experience right ?  That if you think happy thoughts long enough and hard enough and paste that smile onto your face everything will be just dandy?  Has that happened for you?


Let me be honest, I’m good at manifestation, I manifested my sons health, my husband down to his name Mr Wright, a gorgeous house in the country, and much much more.  I lived ate and breathed ‘happy face syndrome’ much to the annoyance of those around me – but you know what sometimes the sh**t still hit the fan despite my determination that all was working out for us, and I knew, that there had to be more at play.



Going back to Christmas eve, I had a blip with my business , suddenly everything dried up, and no amount of clearing ME was making any difference I was perplexed I knew it wasn’t ‘me’ – I even…..

  • I checked my akashic records – yep I was on target and learning my lessons
  • I meditated till my hair turned pink
  • I appreciated every snotty nose, every big bill, every sun kissed morning
  • I talked to my angels until I had a headaches
  • Happy thoughts, I had the whole box set it all made No difference whatsoever


So to cut a long story short, I realised that my business, my passion, and my true purpose had gotten bunged up with other peoples stuff.  I was as clear as a bell, but it became obvious my business was not.  Dancing in a field full of flowers and pretending that everything was just dandy just wasn’t going to sort it.  I had to act and fast to stop the rot so to speak.





  1.  The First Thing I Had To Do Was Get My Own Energy Back – Until I had enough energy to work with my business ‘area’ nothing was going to get any better.
  2. I had to set truly clear intentions as to how I wanted it to be – even though it wasn’t that way yet.
  3. I had to step back from what was worrying me – and focus on anything else – even the dog.
  4. I had to accept that the reason it had gotten so blocked, is that I had picked up other peoples stuff – especially whilst I was chatting with the angels, chanelling Michael and advising other people, I had taken my eye of the ball.
  5. Pretending that it was ‘all fine’ and convincing myself it was dandy wasn’t going to bring the clients back in – I knew my business had an energy of it’s own, and like a child it had gorged itself on rubbish
  6. Working with my business meant I had to invest in myself, emotionally by taking the best care of me – financially by hiring a new mentor to learn new skills, and Energetically clearing it and protecting it from all the ‘stress energy’




In Order For You To Receive New Results – you must be prepared to do new things – and yes it will feel scary, a risk, you may not want to spend money you don’t feel you have, you may wish someone would do it for you – but nothing beats that feeling of knowing that you are taking control and not just hoping against hope that things will magically improve – you are what you are doing not just what you think you are being.


Everything you want, everything you desire isn’t on the other side of a forced happy thought, it’s on the other side of a carefully crafted intention, a plan put into action, and steps taken in sequence taking you to the next level


The One thing I learnt from this is that we are truly supported to be, do and become what we wish to receive but no amount of wishing, continuing down the same path, or pretending there isn’t a problem will get you there – but…..if you will put your hand up, ask for help and admit that okay you are tired of trying and you are ready to BE the creator and create – we promise everything can change.


We Would love for you to be able too……

  1.  Find out who your soul mate really IS not who you hoped they would be
  2. Find out who you should be serving and HOW you should be serving them
  3. Release the karmic baggage and attachments that are preventing the new from coming in
  4. Understand why certain relationships and circumstances keep cropping up
  5. Be given tools to make the next steps come into view
  6. Stop existing – start living



On Saturday I Will be sharing a wonderful new tool for you to protect what you love, your business and your relationships even your spiritual ability, but for today we want to leave you with a thought – are you ‘done’ with effort, stress and struggle, are you ready to ‘ground your magic’ and Be the change you want to see – what would it feel like to know – for sure, that you can relax because you’ve done what you need to do for things to change – and soon?


I’ve had it all recently, ill health, blips, even crisis of faith, and yet every time spirit stepped in identified what i needed to clear, for me it was anti spirit energy, client energy and also karmic energy, once I cleared these I was ready to move on and things improved almost immediately, I know it can be easier to sit tight and hope – but we want you to know that when you ask – the answer is always given we believe you Do have what it takes, and we are urging you to plan, prepare and take those next steps


With love and magic

Sheelagh and your team



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