3 Reasons your failing and how to win

Are you a closet control freak ? 

We spend so much of our time trying to ‘make things happen’ by ‘aligning our thoughts having gratitude journals and really putting way too much effort – and it’s so much hard work let’s face it your failing because …..

  1. You spend so much time affirming, aligning your thoughts and desperately trying to heal your inner blocks – yet the chaos financial issues and general crap just keeps hitting your fan – the more Effort you put in to ‘being something your not really feeling ‘ is well – still effort and then you need more …..
  2. You are constantly aware of all the aligned coaches/healers/mums,  other  women that are just so   ‘sorted’ – that it places a huge amount of pressure on you to ‘be aligned before 9 ‘ – your failing because you are not supposed to be in control – and you aren’t when you are okay with being nobody to anybody you can be authentic at being you around others
  3. Your law of attraction knowledge is ‘right up there’ but so are your overdrafts, credit cards and you Still haven’t got the results that high ticket programme promised you – your failing because YOU not someone else’s answer is your biggest ticket to the increase you want

Here’s a short video about my ‘shit day’ that actually 2 days later turned out SO WELL when I got a ‘treatment ‘ from my guides – don’t worry it’s only 8 mins https://youtu.be/IkSIFoLeJ4g


We’re keeping this short – I am holding a completely unashamedly ‘woo woo’ class that’s as bonkerly effective as I am – yes it’s wacky, yes it’s different, it’s also what sold out my Practical Magic Practitioners class in 3 days –


‘Abundance Prescriptions For Your Future’ Thursday 21 Sept 530 uk Time – a 1.5 hour class where I am working for you with all my woo …..we will 


  • Give you an abundance prescription to get your vibration booming
  • Use the Connect and Correct treatment to connect you to employers, house buyers, soul mates, mortgage advisors etc – people who are integral to your abundance
  • Give you the ‘Expand Your Vision ‘ treatment that helps you move forward from where you are now – this is where I was given my course on the back of an envelope
  • Tell you who your abundance guide is who will be guiding you to take creative steps forward

And here’s the small print


  1. I can’t tell you how i do i – I’m a medicine woman and I do what I do for myself and private clients
  2. I can’t promise results that depends on you and your readiness to grow
  3. I am unconventional and they will speak to you about other matters too
  4. You may wind up with pink hair and a liking for faeries (we HOPE so )


This class will be sent as a recording the next day if you can’t make it live and you will get what everyone gets no need to be live – if you want to completely lose control and start receiving a bigger flow – this is for you


we would LOVE to help you let loose give up control and receive your flow

book your spot here £39


with a 100% belief in WOO

Sheelagh and your team





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