3 Reasons Why We All Need To Lose


This is me on my motorbike looking (and feeling ) cool – only it wasn’t my bike I couldn’t ride then and in fact in Those trousers I couldn’t even Walk lols


This week I DID ride and crashed at slow speed with my bike pouring petrol around me – epic fail – but i had my bike picked up and was on it again before my instructor came back and although I couldn’t walk straight I DID carry on


What i learnt was the most successful happy abundant people have failed a lot first


  1. If you fail it only makes your desire to taste goodness love success stronger and it makes where you are and who you are with ‘so much sweeter’ put simply it makes us grateful
  2. When you fail you feel small but you also have empathy for those around you who are struggling or having issues in life – this puts you in a perfect place to serve them with integrity
  3. When you find something turns out differently to you expect it makes you reassess your goals and it puts you on  a path much more aligned with the heart

The good news is you have guides who can help you get back on track quickly – the key is in taking the steps that are right for you and loving the life you have – now this is all very well if you can hear your guides – but what if you can’t ?


We would love for you to receive a message that helps guide you – and our gift to you is just this a free message to guide you if you would like to receive this tell me what area of concern you have and hit ‘reply’ i will send you a link with your very own channelled message!




What if you had all the help you needed and all the support you require at your fingertips but you didn’t know it ?……Falling in love with your life is what your higher self does daily but unless YOU feel that through and through nothing changes ‘Falling in love with your life’ is my new magical 6 week support course you will


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You have the power you always did it’s whether you choose to use it !


For now we hope when you are ‘failing’ or ‘falling ‘ you know it’s all a part of your bigger picture and will make you all you came here to be


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team



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