Self Love & Abundance Season 2

Self Love is the only route to abundance – what happens for most people is that their ‘real life’ takes precedence over the life you deserve – the life you wish you had but never seems to come any closer


What if the only thing stopping you from receiving ‘all of that’ is the very energy around you ?  


  • The Relationships with those you love – that drain you
  • The bills that get bigger & yet you have less energy to manifest the means to pay
  • The energy you would need to BE happier, more carefree and more positive
  • The lack mentality of those you live with/ work with/ that just continues


‘Self love is the  act of putting your focus entirely on what you require & allowing your Soul to guide you ‘


Your Soul is the part of you that in every moment is Uber aware of the challenges you face – yet unless you have the tools to navigate those challenges, they can soon overwhelm us robbing us of any change of growth and expansion


Self Love & Abundance ‘Season 2’ is going to give you ALL the tools to tackle :


  • The stressful family and personal situations
  • The energy of where you live / work
  • The cycle of ‘lack’ in your life ‘real time’ right now
  • Unseen energies such as cords, entities and thoughtforms
  • Not knowing who to call out to, when they’re present and what they can do




4 weeks 3 calls and tons of personal loving guidance 


Call 1 – ‘Clear’ – we will tackle all that holds you back by teaching you your own ‘clearing routine’ this is also put into PDF form for you to keep

we will teach you how to clear karmic energies of money, service, and relationships affecting every effort to grow

we will guide you on a powerful journey to choose what to stop experiencing and what you will from now on experience


Call 2 – ‘Rise’  – in this call we will align you with your soul type – and there are 5 – you will be taught how your soul type manifests you will also be given your Abundance Tone and taught how to draw abundance into you – this will also be put into a pdf for simple referral

We will also receive clarification on how and who to call on to receive help with finances, relationships and health and how to recognise when theyre with you and what you should do from then on – we will also help you to understand what alignment ‘really means’ and what’s required of you to move forward


Call 3 – ‘shine’ – in this call we will teach you how to know and radiate your truth no matter your fear, we will teach you how to take the first most vital steps towards moving out of the cycle that you are in and what your current soul lesson is

Finally you will understand how to declare to the Universe that things have changed and just how you will now make yourself your biggest commitment – when you do this in a loving way your abundance anatomy opens and the love of your Soul will flow through, this is where things start to shift






None of this is going to do diddly though unless we tackle the real issues in your life so we are also opening up an private group ‘Self Love & Abundance Season 2’ where daily i will be


  • Pulling cards for you for the issues you face
  • Hosting clinics where you can ask the most practical of questions
  • Receive weekly healings for your most urgent circumstances

This means you WILL get my support in a loving group environment where the focus is on truly helping you to love yourself more ‘no matter what’s’ going on around you


But that’s not all – I understand that money can be an issue for the best (and most beautiful) of us …we want you to have all the support your going to need 


Bonus 1 :  ‘The Empaths Toolkit  – the full clearing for you to refer to again and again

Bonus 2 : ‘Energised Abundance – the full routine ‘For your soul type’ explained simply so you can use again and again

Bonus 3 : ‘The Abundance Magnet’ – a hugely powerful video clearing for you to keep and keep using


Even that isn’t enough from where I’m sitting to support you – you see I understand 


  • Being a mother and wife who can’t spare money ‘for your own needs’
  • Being in a situation where you have to decide who to pay first
  • Not knowing ‘how much more’ you can do or take
  • Not knowing ‘how things can change’ and almost at the point of not having the energy to care

It’s crucial you understand it’s not meant to be this way – but if you family have or are struggling if your partner is always struggling if your friends are always moaning its really difficult for you to maintain the belief that it can change – we know from my days of being in a refuge and being a single mum with 4 kids and 2 jobs how it can feel incredibly patronising to hear some woman say ‘Abundance is unlimited’ – like yeah RIGHT!


So as my gift to you i will also include a payment plan and a FREE Self Love Forecast as to how your life can change if you really USE all the tools im teaching you – this alone is worth over £99 



This is where I get real, no magic wands – Abundance ‘might mean’ a porsche a villa abroad and so much money you can ‘live your purpose’ but there’s a very good reason you haven’t had it yet – it’s because your very purpose is growing so much that abundance is a SIDE ORDER of the expansion you have undergone – so abundance FOLLOWS expansion because in order to experience something bigger – your Experience must be bigger – so we’re not talking lottery wins, unexpected windfalls we’re talking 2-5 steps up from where you are so this may mean


  • Your money going a lot further when you grocery shop & discounts off your bills
  • clients paying your full rates or booking two lots
  • someone gifting you something you need and they don’t
  • getting an amazing deal on something you really require
  • Your husband getting a payrise that helps you all
  • Your council tax going way down (okay that’s likely to NOT happen )

This is where it STARTS, when you Notice these things happening reguarly that’s when you know it’s working so here’s the deal


3 1 hour calls Thursdays 530 pm uk time – with replay sent on Saturday

x 2 pdf’s ‘Energised Abundance’ & ‘The Empaths Toolkit’

Month long membership Self Love & Abundance group

Gauranteed weekly card pulls & ditto for videos

Free q & A clinics as part of the group

x 1 Abundance Magnet Video Clearing

x 1 Self Love Oracle card forecast



Phew there’s a hellova lot here – I’m so excited to share this with you – now i now money can be an issue but unless YOU put yourself first nobody else will or can ……so here’s the deal 


You can either pay in  1 payment of £99 – or 2 payments of £65


I ONLY have 9 places so if you want in you need to hit ‘buy it now’ asap this is going to go fast

‘Abundance & Love are your truest essential nature, but what good is that if you never realise that or Allow yourself to experience that – no it’s much better to be consumed by your good fortune so that good fortune consumes you ‘ – Jeremiah


We are So excited and honoured to share this with you – please if you have any questions don’t hesitate to email me, facebook me or just tap me on the shoulder and say ‘hey Sheelagh can i ask ….’


For clients wanting to use the 2 payment option please message me back I only have 9 spaces and they will be on a first come first serve basis


Sending YOU so MUCH love and wishing you SO much abundance


Sheelagh and your team

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