4 Days To Practical Money Magic – My Gift To You




Beautiful Lightworker I’m so pleased to be bringing you a series of gifts that we hope inspire you – 4 days to Practical Money Magic is my gift to you because


  • Right now there is so much chaos and worry in the world
  • Love is always the answer and when we have something positive to focus on we attract so much more
  • Many of you are trying so hard to ‘think yourself happy’ when you’re just – not
  • We all need a little help sometimes in understanding an easier way to do something


I’d like to share a real situation that I had – so my business is doing really (really) well, spirit are bringing me the most conscious entrepreneurs and talented people to work with and I’m just loving clearing their channels of abundance – of course this means more abundance all round for them and for me – the duality side of that was a humongous tax bill that I hadn’t counted on – as I’d never been this successful before


Now for me it was a huge forecasted profit – but for you it might be struggling to pay for rent, you might be worried where your next client is coming from, you might not know how to juggle your time versus your expenses or simply just being all things to all people without a break – it’s all relative and money certainly is NOT the most important thing


But it sure helps to give you security, safety and a sense of okayness when you are dealing with anything else





I’m hearing from people right now that their lives are in turmoil that they are finding it crazy to deal with

  • In laws and family members projecting and demanding
  • Business or their career feeling stagnant and unsatisfying
  • Feeling limited by their circumstances and ‘all tried out’
  • Wanting more than anything to be full of trust but looking at ‘what is’ and feeling failure


We know it doesn’t have to be this way and we want to support you more than anything else – this small offering is our way of helping you climb back on top and understand your true nature as a creator



Practical Money Magic Takes Just 4 Days – and your new journey starts here 

  • Day 1 is your Abundance Matrix
  • Day 2 is your Money Vibration
  • Day 3 is Karma Drama – just what and who is affecting your ability to manifest
  • Day 4 is Your business or life purpose



The Video and how we can help you is here – don’t worry it’s only just over 5 mins long




We so want to support you – so if you would like to sign up for this 4 day challenge – because we won’t bombard you start with Day 1 The Matrix – https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Practical-Magic-Day-1-The-Matrix.pdf 


and then message me if you would like the other three days – it’s wonderful for you if


  • You have problems increasing your flow of abundance
  • You are a practitioner wanting to clear your out of body and soul level abundance settings
  • You sense there are some factors that you cannot control
  • You want to try something new fun and completely free

we know that there are a million ‘get rich quick’ schemes out there and of course true change -takes time I Love Abundance is designed to support you to move into that change right from where we are – at this time I Love Abundance is on offer in two installments at just £299 or two payments of £150 – I’m going to be scaling this back in September to a non physical product so this is your opportunity to enjoy I Love Abundance in 3 1 to 1 sessions with me before the format changes and 4 days to Practical Money Magic is your chance to do this 




We hope this midweek sojourn is okay for you – and we want you to be turned on – not off, my methods are very exclusive having got them from amazing mentors and light beings who don’t advertise their wares – I’m going to be ensuring that it’s those people that truly benefit from them receive this information – so if you are ready to open your flow then message me for day two – money money money awaits you


With so much love

Sheelagh and your team


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