5 Reasons To be Lazy With Your Life – And How Sh**t Happens When You Do


Are you feeling fed up of ‘being positive all the time’ and seeing nothing change ?

Do you want to wipe the permanent smile of your face, throw away your gratitude list and stop pretending that everything is dandy ?

Maybe you can’t admit this to your ‘coach’ or your friends because they’re used to coming to you for the answers –  Your the healer or intuitive in your circle but to be honest your ‘all tried out ‘  –

we want to show you why being lazy is a much easier way to allow your life to be guided not forced made to happen or ‘high vibed’ into existence when honestly all you want is a nice slab of chocolate cake and a duvet day…..


1. You are not just your thoughts – so attracting by controlling them doesn’t work – you are your body and how you treat ‘her’ you are your emotions and how you truly feel, you are also your soul who sent you here on assignment in the first place – it’s true some things are just not meant to be and no matter how ‘positively ‘ you try to ‘Make things happen’ a higher wider version of you has much bigger ideas – being lazy allows what isn’t meant for you to show you this and what is meant for you to appear


2. It was all arranged before you were born – so trying to Make something happen is a waste of time and vital Soul energy – Okay so this is coming from my knowledge as a Soul Worker – we have soul contracts that teach us something and help the other learn, there comes a time when you are both ‘done’, we have a ‘Life Objective’ and a ‘Yearly Life Theme’ we have a contract ‘for the collective’ with Source and a set of gifts that most of us only think we are using as we really are contracted to do so, we may have an idea of what we should be doing, but if your efforts are proving fruitless is that your barking up the wrong path, if it’s meant for you it will be – if it isn’t it just won’t – how much evidence do you need to show you this ? You may as well be lazy and let the forces that be do what they do it will happen anyway



3. Your True Colours Are Obvious To Everyone Anyway – Putting heaps of effort into being ‘someone new’ whether that’s tying yourself up in knots to match all the other so called ‘high vibing life coaches’ or ‘teaching people what their super powers are’ is all a waste of time – most of them are having the same issues as you with manifesting money, or calling in their soul mate – your true colours are obvious but you have Many – of many shades – it’s pointless trying to be or convince others or yourself of something you are not naturally no matter how many courses, masterminds or qualifications you have – what you are cannot be defined – what you will be depends on your willingness to be undefined and cool with that – the quicker you lazily admit you are who you are and you don’t just like it but you Love it – the sooner the world will respond in kind – soul mates, soul clients, soul opportunities all start to show up when you really Show Your True Colours

4. You Are Not Blocked From Money – Be Lazy about trying to Force More Flow Trying to heal your money blocks is as pointless as trying to be the perfect person, you have the life your supposed to have for the job you came here to do, if you stopped trying to be somewhere your not meant to go and you focused with complete awareness of the places that you can grow ‘right where you are’ you would find more of you and you will see this increase –  Abundance is unlimited equal to your needs – what your Mind thinks you need and what your soul Sees you need are two different things if you had Huge amounts of money your growth would stop you would not choose to expand because you wouldn’t see you need too – so manifesting more money won’t happen unless you Grow first


5. If You Are Bored With Effort Then You Are Ready For Flow – If what you’ve been doing isn’t working then your ready for something new – and the keyword is ‘ready’ when your ready for something it’s the next step – I’m nviting you to have an hour with your guides over the next 2 weeks at a reduced rate to find out easily and with zero effort * these sessions are being arranged from November 1st onwards


  • What your Life Objective for the next year is
  • What your Lingering Beliefs are & To Clear These
  • Who You Should be Serving & Why
  • What Your Gifts For The World Are
  • How You Can Shift onto your true Soul Path


I work in very magical yet down to earth ways and I’m offering you a simple but profoundly life changing hour with me and my guides in my very down to earth style and even better I’m giving you the chance to experience ‘your Souls Fire ‘ for just £59 you can book your hour here


We are so happy to help you be lazy with your life and see sh**t happen as a result – it really doesn’t have to be hard


Sending you So much love and hoping to guide you soon

Sheelagh and your team

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