5 Ways To Discover Your Life Purpose This September



Beautiful soul, hello and I’m so excited and passionately feeling the uncovering of your life purpose this September, you are being guided in the next three weeks to really allow this to be shown to you.  First of all, I want to talk about how knowing your Life Purpose can benefit you.



Your Life Purpose is not your job, gone are the days when what we do is who we are.  Your Life Purpose is occurring Right Now, this moment, and it’s a mixture of the following.

It’s how you have done what you have done – the energy that you emanated as you experienced certain situations versus the energy you emanate now that you have grown and expanded, look back and see just how far you came, what you learned and what you would do or say differently now.


It’s all those things that ‘went wrong’ and hurt like hell – yes the relationships that didn’t pan out, the jobs that didn’t last, the friends that hurt you and also the family situations that you are still coping with, these are called ‘karmic relationships’; and they were designed to help you learn your greatest and most important lessons, so that you are ‘qualified’ to move into the next phase of your path.


It’s what you Love to do, and would do all day if time and money were not object – we usually have one thing that makes our heart sing, that when we do it we feel peaceful and all is right with the world.  This is usually part of your souls make up and it is usually a carry over from other life times, but that aside it is part of what you were born to do and the more you do it, you will receive inspiration and guidance regarding the other less flowing parts of your life.


Right now people are finding they want ‘more’ for themselves – they want to know ‘why’ their intuition is opening and ‘why’ certain events are occurring in the way they are, people are sensing their is a ‘plan’ there is a ‘goal’ and out of soulful curiosity they want to know what this means for them and how to know they are where they’re supposed to be.





  1. Discover Your Life Purpose right now by looking at those around you and what;s going on with them People around us are mirrors and often what is relevant to our nearest and dearest and how they are coping with it is a mirror of what we are possibly ignoring and trying to make progress in another fashion.  The old adage ‘like attracts like’ is true, and so if you have a look at How your loved ones are growing and expanding, or what kind of struggles they are having you will be shown exactly what you are being asked to heal and move through at this time, often this is a opportunity to step onto the next level.
  2. Your Life Purpose Is Where You Are Stuck The very issues that you are unable to move through with ease are related to past life patterns, and beliefs in this life time.  It may be that they are not yours, and this is why you cannot just eliminate them by thinking happy thoughts, often we are carrying our spouses issues with us in our energy field, or the beliefs of our parents or best friend in our mental body, and it is our souls way of asking us to disassociate from what is external and connect with what’s internal.   So wherever you are well and truly stuck, not making the kind of progress you feel you want too, This is your life purpose right now, uncover those pesky patterns and then you are back on track.
  3. Your Life Purpose Is what you Feel Inspired To change in the world, for others, for yourself, it is a feeling of ‘if i could help people do this……(be empowered, realise they are creators, highlight healthy eating, educate mothers on an issue whatever the subject is ) it’s a soul deep urge to educate and empower others that have been where you have been, and where you have over come
  4. Your Life Purpose is the easiest way to attract abundance – if you are finding you are in a place where abundance is not flowing then even if your life purpose is not in your career at this time, by following the flow of your soul you will attract abundance by other means.  For example, someone who works in a shop, yet is a gifted healer, by healing herself, helping others in her spare time and feeling great when she does this is going to attract abundance through her job.  Someone who has been through divorce and is working on self love and trust, and yet works full time as a administrator, when she does heal herself and love herself could attract abundance through a lottery win or a pay rise.  Your Life Purpose is the reason you are here it is your highest path, so it connects you automatically to everything else you are trying to manifest
  5. Your Life Purpose is Not Just One Subject but several these are called Soul Archetypes  There are 35 soul archetypes and these are the closest to job titles that we get in spiritual terms we were born with a rough plan of the archetypes we were going to move through, and we are always moving from one to the other.  So someone that was a ‘victim’ may move through to ‘healer’ then through this journey they may move to ‘teacher’ your Archetypes give you knowledge of where you are why you are there and where you are headed.  You will identify with both the archetype you are in now and the one you are moving into.


Your spiritual team want you to discover your Soul Purpose and Lifes Mission this month and to this end we are providing you with as much material as possible to help you understand your now in greater clarity.  Your spiritual team are charged with ensuring you do fulfill your purpose here on earth for your good and the way you can help others also.


Enjoy your day and your week and remember to ask your team to help you manifest clarity in your life purpose


With infinite love and magic

Sheelagh and your team

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