7 Things You Didn’t Know About Manifesting Abundance



You have likely been told there is an unlimited stream of abundance waiting to find it’s way to you – yet I also bet that you are still finding despite your best efforts to the contrary it hasn’t arrived yet.


What most people do is this :

  1. convince themselves that they are happy with what worries them or concerns them and then as evidence every two to three days continues to flow in that they don’t want they fix a smile upon their face and keep affirming that it’s all fine, dandy and wonderful
  2. As all this happens their inner voice is saying ‘Look I don’t really understand why you are pretending on this one, it sucks, really if this is the law of attraction can we just go home now ?’
  3. You scratch your head several times a month trying to understand where those new clients are that you ‘were promised’, why the bills just keep getting bigger, and why life in general isn’t a picnic due to all your ‘efforts
  4. You get tired of trying, and the mask slips, you feel stressed, even anxious about the fact nothing is truly changing, you get glimpses of what you know (or by now simply hope) is right for you, but the bigger picture 3 months down the line is no different to last year, you have tried all the quick fixes, all the meditations that promise to fix things for you, and all the magic prescriptions free webinars and calls that were supposed to do it for you




But your a coach, you post regularly or your a lightworker and you ‘went through this’ a month ago, how on earth can you admit to those around you that you tried ‘patiently to explain how this would change everything for them ‘ that actually, your back where you started ?


The Energetic Facts You Likely Didn’t Know

1. We have around 150 of our own vibrations – yet every day we pick up other peoples sh**t….. and by the end of the week you can have around 700 vibrations that are active in a negative way.  Literally no matter how positive or happy you try to be – if you have other peoples energy in your auric field, it’s going to affect how you are able to trust, believe and know 


2.  You pick up energy from social media, watching the news, even talking to those mums up the school the only way to clear that energy is to know how to clear it hoping if you smile hard enough doesnt actually do anything, it’s like the dog crapping in the kitchen and you just think nice thoughts and hope someone will clean it up – not likely and the longer it’s there the worse it smells


3. The 4th dimension – the mental one where all the old law of attraction work is contained  ie think nice thoughts get nice things shuts in 5 weeks – so even if you were one of the rare people who manifested more than a glimpse of positive outcomes, this is going to change if you are not doing your true learning and growing as a soul in other words Vision boards, affirmations and lengthy meditations are only as good as the real life purpose work you are doing, other wise in 5 weeks it’s a waste of your time if you are not growing as a soul your ability to manifest is about as good as your ability to fly unaided not likely that great




So before you think God let me guess Sheelagh has the answer let me reassure you that you are the one with the ability to change this long term…….


6 things you likely did not know about YOUR ability to manifest abundance :


  1.  It’s an energy, a REAL vibration and if you call it in it will be present – but remember unless you have cleared out what is there first, how useful it will be remains to be seen – What colour is abundance to you ?  Tune into this with your eyes shut and your heart open, then call it in using your breath
  2. If you are taking on emotional and every day stress from those around you it prevents anything from coming in put simply you have to have the space – check in and sense where you are taking on the problems of others – this doesnt mean you have to stop helping them or stop supporting them, but where you are pretending that their issues don’t bother you, or that you are happy to be the one who does the worrying this affects Your point of attraction.  If you have people around you who are not growing, you need to hand this back to them as soon as possible, other wise in 5 weeks the frustration will be very obvious to you
  3. Your ability to manifest abundance is inbuilt, but you need to create the space in your aura emotionally and mentally for those positive thoughts to really take hold – this is something that you can do today, really work on letting go of what you can’t change, let go of what you are trying to prevent, accept what is inevitable right now, and admit how you truly feel, and then breathe it away – Keep doing this and sensing how much space you have created by letting go at greater levels
  4. Energy cords do prevent abundance from manifesting into real world opportunities – and children, spouses, even animals can cord us.  Put simply you know if you think about it who is cording you, often you allow them to do this out of guilt, but it drains you of all the good stuff you have been working on, and it doesn’t help them to expand.  Even ex partners from last year can cord you – cut those cords please
  5. Whatever outcome you are trying to avoid by projecting into the future ‘when it’s all rosy’ is creating a lot of blocks for you – you may think you have ‘no attachment to the experience you want to manifest – but honey if you are avoiding or trying ‘not to focus on something not nice’ the universe hears you are attached to ignoring it, this means not only are you issuing a big fat invite to your problems, you are also bringing in bucket loads of that vibe into your world, it’s a bit like ‘im abundant no im not, yes i am no im not and so on……’
  6. if you have unresolved karma in your auric signature, this means you are going around in circles with your efforts, and efforts are what they feel like –  well this isn’t something we can usually do ourselves, there are over 50 types of karma, and they can come in from our parents, our clients and even our partners ex’s this is something that often once cleared dramatically improves the flow of money and opportunities for you, often within hours, and yes this is something I do have the answers for
  7. Manifesting from the 5th dimension is possible today you don’t have to carry on as you have been – the 5th dimension is the soul level, this means that whatever is going on around you has been brought to you to learn from and yes grow, so pretending it isn’t happening and that you are fine with it won’t work, you have to go through the experiences to grow in order for them to go.  5th dimensional manifesting is effortless because you do it in the day you are in, basically it means not calling anything ‘good or bad’ but being neutral about all of it whilst learning and understanding what’s being shown to you – get this down and you get a ‘get out of jail free card’ – your soul once she sees that you have learnt what she needed you to, will allow you to move on up

gold energy


The last points we want to make are :


  1. if you carry on doing what you have been doing things will Not change – this means if your efforts haven’t truly created new opportunities for you this will carry on, and in a few weeks it will be far more obvious quicker because your soul is insisting that you Do grow now
  2. Trying to get people to help you for nothing Won’t help you – if You do not invest in you, nobody else will either and the Universe put simply will see that you don’t truly expect things to change.
  3. Manifesting abundance is about the journey what you learn and how you use it, not the destination, thats why spirit are closing the 4th dimension because too many people are focused on the ‘what’ not the ‘why – and frankly they are not getting the results they hoped for, they can even feel cheated because they are being asked to do something for themselves
  4. You can only receive as much as you give – to yourself put simply if you want more money you have to give yourself more chances to grow spiritually, this means learning to trust more, go outside of your comfort zones, take risks without guarantees that they’l pay off and actually take action.  If you simply will NOT take action to extend your boundaries, then your boundaries and what lies beyond them will not extend
  5. You came here with a purpose, it’s not a thing you do for someone else to heal them its something you do for you – if you are living your life ‘on purpose’ and taking the chances, understanding where you need to expand and actually going for it then you will manifest above and beyond what you were originally asking for, and it will happen so gracefully that it will soon become the norm – what’s more you will become aware of the guides that are with you, whose job you just made far easier by being who you really are, a powerful creator

pink energy

For now we want to remind you that if you truly want to receive abundance you have to Do something about where you are, in an abundance clearing you will heal :


  • All karma that is blocking you from receiving love, money and opportunity
  • All anti spirit energies and cords
  • All programmes and vibrations that are keeping you where you are
  • Align all your chakras to receive your rightful flow
  • Highlight the masters working with you
  • Highlight the crystal that will assist you
  • Open you up to YOUR healing abiltiies
  • Open up the door to YOUR guides

An abundance clearing is a truly nourishing experience, and people ususally  see an increase in flow within days if your ready go ahead and take that step which allows your true reality to begin



For now, we wish you love, magic and above all clarity, for you deserve – it all


Sheelagh and your team


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