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This is Jessica my gorgeous unpredictable aspergers / rainbow girl who knows exactly what she wants, two years ago she nearly died and went from a healthy weight to a dangerous 4 stone before the so called ‘experts’ came to the conclusion that I’d had for over a year that she was autistic with certain other ‘flavours’ it was awful, and some of you will remember the fight I had for her to be hospitalised – what made it worse is that I knew a year ahead of time just how bad it was going to get because my guides warned me ‘this is coming’ and it did and fast……


Luckily, she managed to turn it around, but there were times had Orion not been there to reassure me that she would I don’t think I would be here now, with such a beautiful daughter to spoil –

my relationship with my guides has always been of the utmost importance to me personally and professionally and I like to think everyone has the same level of support…..


What makes it easier nowdays is I KNOW I can trust them, because I also Trust my own intuition, without that I would waste a Lot of time….but I do see so many truly talented people that doubt their intuition and this makes it so much harder for your guides to help ……


Here’s me with my trusty Crystal ball, a present from said teenage dirtbag, and I surprised myself by finding out I could use it easily, Orion tells me this is simply because it is an extension of my trust in myself, the big bald atlantean Also says that Everyone has the same abilities that I do but so often they just cannot trust ……


I KNOW it can be amazing when we get a visit from a loved one, or we see a vision that comes true, and in fairness most of you have had these experiences, but on a day to day basis psychic ability is much more intuitive and as a working full time medium I would be even more bonkers than I am if i saw ghosts every day – one of the things I’m always teaching my students is that the phenomona that makes you go ‘WOW’ happens more reguarly when your guides really Need to get a message to you when you are trusting your intuition every day on your own life path……Here’s My Guide the big Atlantean Orion!

AND his message for August is here! – https://youtu.be/aE6m3e1_R78

he is the one who has asked me to hold a FREE  Be Psychic Soon! Masterclass on Saturday 21 August :

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Free How Psychic Are You Today assesments for those that are live

It’s on you tube here https://youtu.be/-zuQSVNJrr8


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All our love for an AMAZING August lovely ones

Sheelagh Orion and the team




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