Hello gorgeous one, we hope you are sparkling this festive season, I am touching base with you as we come to the end of 2022 with a channelled Message from my guide about what your Higher Self has planned for 2023 – this is the version of you that ‘never left home’ & is consistently aware of what your going through on earth, this ‘expanded’ version of you has already ‘earmarked’ the major experiences you’ll go onto have in the coming months – & what you may not know is …..


Your Higher self has a ‘Cosmic Name’ that you are known by in heaven & inbetween lifetimes, this name truly captures your essence & is instantly able to describe who you really are Despite the difficulties of physical life -finding out what your Cosmic Name is really helps you to understand why your life is as it is and also signposts how it is likely to be


Your Higher Self also has a tightly knit ‘Soul Quad’ which are 4 souls that always move through the Universe together these incorporate your strongest soul mate match energetically from your Group soul and Also your twin flame – very often people mistake their Strong Soul mate match as their twin but in fact they Are pretty close more and more people are meeting either their True twin flames * which don’t run away, or their Strong Soul Match from their soul quad this is a sign you are right where your supposed to be!


Your Higher self has already set a theme for 2023 known as your Life Purpose Lesson this is going to be the outcome of any challenges you have & how your likely to overcome them when they do come in, along with this your Higher Self has also set a ‘Soul Lesson’ which is what you need to do Now and Next in your life – for example my Life Purpose Lesson is True Empowerment, but my Soul lesson ‘now & next’ is healing family patterns – understanding what yours are really helps you to ‘tune into’ what your likely to face in the year ahead


Your Higher Self has already held meetings with your main guides & the Higher Selves of those on earth at this time with you & has figured out what Soulmate challenges you are going to go through together & what the likely timescale and outcomes of these challenges will be these include who will grow and become truly important to you in a bigger way, who is going to come into your life and sadly who is destined to move on it is worth pointing out that you NEVER lose someone you love at the soul level and so often many people need to leave your life for a while before they are destined to come back


Finally your Higher Self has also downloaded into your earthly aura the potential you are able to fulfill if you choose too into a part of your anatomy called your Spirit rings, this basically holds the downloads that you will need for the months ahead, these potentials are available for you in every life area including

  • How much Psychic & Spiritual growth you are likely to make
  • What skills and talents you will discover or perfect
  • What new relationships you will enjoy
  • What new decisions you will make
  • Where you are likely to move too for work or to live
  • What challenges you are likely to overcome with your health
  • What overall expansion you will create in your life to help others



We really hope your as excited about growing and expanding in 2023 as we are & yet sometimes the tiredness of not being fully supported in our lives now can catch us up – for this reason we are offering discounted VIP sessions where we will help you with all of the above plus

  • Clear any energy beings causing you to feel worried and low
  • Give you abundance treatments to elevate your time line and bring new wealth opportunities in
  • answer any of your pressing questions
  • Remove any and all blocks

The VIP sessions are 90 mins in length and include clearings you cannot get anywhere else, ususally £199 until January 31st they are just £150 book yours here – they include a New Year Forecast  as well  https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/higher-self-vip-session/

For now beautiful one I am wishing you a peaceful and loving Christmas time and a truly NEW year


With great love always

Sheelagh and your team

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