A Is For Action For April…..


Is this how you feel about your life now a bit ‘Meh?’


April is a time when nearly everyone at some point will feel as if they ‘should’ be doing more but not feeling as if they can (or want too) you may find people are reluctant to DO anything about their moans and groans and yet NOT doing anything just feels worse


Your Angels want you to know April is a time for Conscious Preparation for what comes next in May


  • It’s a month for Preparing your body your home your life and your mind – for finding out why you’ve been limited, constrained, anxious and scared but most of all Doing something about it now!   Here is what your angels want to say to you now <3


So are you ready to DO something rather than wish hope and in the end wonder what might have been ? Then book your exslusive 90 min Clearing here they are super powerful and can be used for

  • Energising your business & Abundance
  • Releasing old programmes that do not assist you
  • Knowing which Angel is guiding you and why
  • What Archangelic Medicines you need
  • What your biggest block is and REMOVE it

These are super special because i only have 5 then I’m full for May you get an hour and a half of messages, clearing and assistance and a video recording of our time together please note all sessions are being booked from 18th May onwards but bookings are being taken now you get a HUGE discount from the official price and all of my time and angelic expertise book your clearing here


With 100% belief in you
Sheelagh and your team






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