Your Ability To Create In Chaos Or What To Do Right Now


As we’re sat here in the Uk I’m so aware of the chaos that is affecting peoples lives close to home – no longer can many of us say ‘there but for the grace of god go I’ because for most of us Survival Patterns are being shown to us so that we can begin again – for once and for all


I am awaiting hospital tests – and I am personally very relaxed about the chaos, but I am seeing beautiful awakened people affected emotionally, mentally, financially in ways that they didn’t see coming, don’t know how to deal with and so you continue to do what you’ve always done – even though it doesn’t work any longer



But take heart – the chaos energy is new energy entering into your life, and whilst it brings curve balls, endings and seeming challenges – it also brings the new, the possible and the plentiful – once you’ve looked into the void, hand in hand with your fear, stepped in and embraced all that you cannot control but are not a victim too





‘What do I do What’s going to happen’ are the two questions I’m hearing the most right now – the answer is very simple – ‘be all of who you really are no matter what when or why something occurs – it’s only through bringing more of your truth to your life that the shadows recede by your light’


So lets get real lets say you are experiencing relationship outbursts, financial upheaval crisis or stagnation, family drama or health spirals, mental health issues in your environment or simply not being able to move forward – how does what I’m suggesting Change what’s occurring ?


‘Being who you really are is the antidote to the experiences that are not in alignment with your energy, this may mean people, situations and events changing, stopping, starting or ending but you don’t have to stress or wonder how or when – being who you really are brings you into alignment with your new beginning quickly – the rest will unfold’


So – what does ‘being who you are mean’ when that’s pretty much what you Always do – like ‘what ?’


  • You are not your emotions – they are a flow of energy alerting you to alignment or necessary change
  • You are not the aspect you act as – wife, mother, worker, father, coach etc you are Pure Source Energy
  • You Are Pure Source Energy who decides what label to labour under, who decides what perspective to adopt
  • You must embrace your original source and recognise yourself as part of it – to create Anything with that source energy
  • Changing your thoughts Doesn’t work because you are more than that field – you are also emotion, Pure soul, Pure love, Pure shadow Part of your collective community, nation , family and social network
  • Being who you are means ignoring everything that you are ‘not’ and becoming aware of what your Current Truth is – even if you can’t impact that outward ‘yet’ it’s about truly admitting to yourself what is and what is not aligned


What you are moving away from – who ‘were you’ and what does that mean?  And who are you becoming now ?

The team I work with call this your Core Soul Essence and you move this into your world by embodying this essence in all that you say, do and are – quickly this brings your Source into play and transmutes what is triggering you that was in the ‘old paradigm’


Creating In The Chaos requires energetic clarity – emotional and mental clarity follow from that – without you are energetically clear it is impossible to be the influence that attracts rather than repells


We are offering you the chance to get that energetic clarity – ‘ Creating In The Chaos’ is my offering to you …….


You will receive


  • An energy clearing to align you with your soul and your core soul essence explained
  • A chance to ask all your unanswered questions answered at soul level by your Archangel
  • A forecast for the coming months along with practical advice
  • A Vibrational Medicine package that you can download and use again and again focused on One circumstance in your life
  • 3 1 to 1 sessions with me with recordings at a Hugely discounted price t do all the above work



This package normally would retail at over £350 GBP – I am opening up space to just 3 people to enjoy this life changing work for just £250 – I’m happy to work with you on


  • Relationship misalignment & Creating a New Emotional Template
  • Healing Long Running cycles of lack & abundance issues
  • Business & Soul Purpose Clarity
  • Spiritual Development & Stagnation
  • Past Life Clearing/healing Weight Issues

The work we do WILL change your life – and although results can’t be guaranteed they should be expected – this package is purchased on the understanding I am away week of May 29th for 1 week appointments are made with this in mind ……


Source helps those who help themselves – WILL YOU HELP YOURSELF ?


‘Yes Sheelagh – I’m fed up of waiting and hoping and willing things to change – I want to drive my own vehicle sign me up ‘

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