Abundance Challenge

Abundance Challenge

I don’t know about you but I LOVE abundance – I love how it feels when I’m in the flow and I see clients feeling lighter and free from their burdens when it comes to manifesting with ease and speed

So often you hear people talking about manifesting but they seem all ‘tried out’ their ‘efforts’ to be happy are often wearing them out, and they are often dealing with the issues that those around them are going through – and then their point of attraction comes down

Abundance is about money – YES

But it’s also about happiness, contentment and security.

It’s about feeling ‘at peace with how things are’ and trusting that things are set to improve.

All too often that feels like a fairy tale.

Fact: We are energy and everything and everyone around us is affecting our energy levels

Myth: That by controlling your thoughts and making yourself feel happy you will manifest what you desire

That’s all very well if you live in a bubble with a hundred happy people – but many people are going through growth at the moment and don’t always feel like a bundle of laughs, this can and does have a direct impact on Your point of attraction

But it doesn’t have to – your partner’s money issues, your boss’s power issues, your friend’s emotional issues do not have to disrupt your flow any longer, in fact, you will utilise the energy in your auric field to Improve your point of attraction to way beyond where it’s ever been

Abundance Challenge

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2. We are going to work with your ENERGY rather than your thoughts, so we will REMOVE what doesn’t serve you and INFUSE you with the energy of abundance, success and magic ‘real time’

3. I Love Abundance is a fun opportunity to take a deeper look at what you are really sending out there into the world, it’s packaged in a magical and playful way that will inspire the child in you – it’s playful but effective


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‘I Love Abundance’ is going to introduce you to Energy Magic, you’l be working with your guides and angels and also with your own energy to view your ‘reality’ from a different perspective but we are going to do more than that, you will actively create a new timeline that can come in for you when you take further steps

For now though we want you to understand ‘where you are’ so this is my gift to you the Abundance Roadmap is a fun way of pin pointing where you reside in ‘fairyland’ most of the time and where you are moving onto next to get your copy just click the image below

Abundance Challenge Roadmap

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Curious to know just how easy it’s going to be to create your Abundance & Prosperity, in this 4-day FREE challenge?

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Day 1: Cinderella’s Shoes

Welcome to all about seeing the life you have, through someone else’s eyes and adopting a new energy. When you vibrate in a different (higher more motivated happier place) energy, your outside ability begins to shift. It can’t help BUT pull in those resources, answers and opportunities to FEEL better about where you are. And more importantly, to get that shoe fitting for your ball.

Day 2: The House that Jack Built 

Today we get to look at your foundations (i.e. relationships ) and stop berating them for what they’re not. You’ll start to look at and feel supported by your ‘walls‘ (i.e. routine) as being the structure that allows you to GROW, rather than confine or limit your focus on your ongoing building project (i.e. what you want to manifest). And you’ll change your view of your attached EMOTIONS (i.e. your ceiling), especially in situations when you’re not getting what you’ve asked for. You’ll learn to build an energetic ladder from where you are to where you want to be.

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Day 3: The Emperor’s Clothes 

This day is all about you appreciating the NOW, rather than trying to ‘get away from it’. We’ll start with strengthening your feelings of needing to manifest ‚more‘, you’ll start to see and feel that there are more possibilities to the obvious. Much like Mr Emperor and his unusual clothes 😉

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Day 4: Rapunzel’s Tower

On the last day of this challenge, you’ll be shown where your energy’s pulling you down and learn to claim back your power so that you can make decisions on how to control the emotions stronger.

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