You Are Abundance – Connect With It In Your Life Right now


Real life isn’t real – it’s a collection of energy that constantly changes – the reason your life doesn’t change as you wish it would is that you believe the illusion that’s playing out


It’s not enough to try and convince yourself you feel ‘happy’ when you don’t – because you are ‘trying to convince yourself’ – the Universe always knows and responds with more of ‘the trying’


We So want to help you to create in an effortless way – through filling yourself UP of love, abundance Joy and Fulfilment – here is a short video which explains how to do this and change your life from the inside out




And so – this helps how ?  Well when you vibrate consistently at a different ‘pitch ‘the very speed and ‘height’ of ‘this pitch’ (all be it love, harmony, acceptance, peace bliss etc) will in and of itself speed up the physical manifestation of said vibration into your so called ‘real world’



Sometimes however much you try you can’t mentally or physically ignore the ‘evidence’ that surrounds you – but this is where me being able to interact on your behalf helps


Your Free 3 card pull is completely my gift for you – and shows the highest timeline for the next 3 months – this is my gift for you when you are one of the first 9 to purchase my magical life changing ‘The Abundance Magnet’



The Abundance Magnet is a video which contains all the short term tools to help you align with your True Abundance including


  • 3 clearing questions to clear community, empathic and psychic drains on your vibration
  • 3 Abundance Activators simple but powerful Phrases that align you with the experience of Abundance
  • a channelled manifestation meditation for you to use again and again
  • 1 of 3 healings based on your personal needs

There is nothing like this out there and let’s be clear it’s not logical it’s energetic just like you



We understand having real world issues, emotional, financial and even physical we also know your Soul is going to keep sending you challenges unless you grow integrate and expand, so it’s through these challenges rather than despite them that your abundance will be allowed


  • When you grow despite perceived limits your soul grows
  • When your soul grows the Universe grows
  • The amount of ‘awakening’ energy in your physical reality is higher, faster more love based
  • This is simply reflected back at you from all levels, empathic, psychic, soul, spirit and physical
  • You are much more than a mind in a body you are the Universal mind partially in a physical body


We So want your life experience to evolve, but in order to do so something must change shift and expand – this is your change to experience some help from someone who lives and breathes how real this is


The Abundance Magnet is only £49 and if your one of the first 9 you WILL receive a 3 card pull within 7 days this is our gift to you with no strings please hit ‘reply’ and let me have your paypal address and we will invoice you – this offer is only open for 7 days and the invoice is only open for 48 hours .


Sending you much love and real life rainbows


Sheelagh and your team

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