abundance webinar

Abundance Webinar

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Abundance Webinar – How it can help you.

Sounds really ‘easy’ but too often we don’t give ourselves permission to do what we want to do because in our minds ‘other things’ have to come first

I so often hear people state that ‘Abundance is unlimited’ and yet their true experience of abundance feels very limiting to them – and it just doesn’t have to.

Are you someone who needs more abundance to invest in their business and life path – you know that you can help people with your gifts but you have to have websites / sales funnels / advertising and that all costs money ?

Are you someone who has tried all of the Law Of Attraction ‘tricks’ and they only seem to work for a certain amount of time – then normal life resumes?

Perhaps you are a positive awakened person who knows you are supported by your guides and angels – but – you live with someone with a lack mentality and it drags you down again and again and you’re tired now ?

Perhaps it isn’t ‘money’ that you want an abundance of you would like to meet the soul mate for you, experience more connection with your spiritual team, or receive more abundance in terms of joyful experiences travelling, creating services that inspire others or would love an abundance of opportunities in your career to be recognised – you are ready to help the world but don’t know ‘how’

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All is explained in my Abundance Webinar

You see although abundance is unlimited as an energy – our monkey mind literally puts confines around what we perceive as being possible, when I’m working with amazing people this is what I see

  • empathic people that are corded by family spouses or clients preventing new energy from coming in  – if the energy can’t come into your aura it can’t manifest in any way
  • People that are doing everything they can to move forward but nothing changes – often this is because you are aiming at slightly the wrong people if their vibration is lower than yours, they just won’t understand
  • Feeling as though you’re doing everything ‘right’ in terms of monitoring your thoughts but STILL nothing changes – no new possibilities or platforms and you just don’t know why  – this is often because you have picked up attachments in your energy field, these attachments go through our money business and even relationship areas and cause at best stagnation at worst havoc
  • You have ‘some’ money but you have to be careful with it – and it doesn’t keep flowing for you – this is likely a simple belief and manifestation setting issue that can be tweaked and sorted for you easily

Please don’t worry – whilst I don’t have a fairy wand at my disposal I do have groundbreaking techniques gifted to me by the angels to help you begin to open to your natural and organic flow of Abundance in every area – and I’m absolutely going to do what I can to help you during our time together

Abundance Webinar

  • Spend some time helping you to understand the concept of ‘Soul Abundance’
  • Touch upon your core manifesting Vibration
  • Meet Your Abundance Guardian
  • Open your vortex
  • Remove Blocks In your auric field – business relationships and Spiritual ability will be covered
  • Opportunity to receive personal guidance on your abundance issues

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Abundance Webinar

I Love Abundance is a wonderful opportunity to sample my new work at a fraction of the price

We are so committed and excited to help you that this opportunity is available to just 15 people – and please don’t worry if you can’t make the live webinar you can submit your question and enjoy the activations later with a replay link

This 2 hour webinar is just £24.99 and it’s a chance for you to make a quantum leap!

Sheelagh I’m in I know that it can change for me

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Love Abundance is the tip of my work, and I’m working with your abundance anatomy – this is non physical and the methods I use just aren’t available anywhere else- if you’re still wondering ‘will this help me ‘ then we would share….

I Love abundance is perfect for you if you are finding this is the case:

  • If you are an empathic person who feels bombarded by life and can’t move forward
  • If you are a practitioner or coach who wants to uplevel their earning and client capacity
  • If you are experiencing cycles of lack, frustration and stagnation and have tried ‘everything else’
  • If you are in love with the idea of learning new skills, new information that just isn’t available anywhere else

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We can’t imagine life without any of these wonderful things happening – and we are inviting you to the party

Remember I have just 15 loving, magical places on my webinar and I want you to benefit from this accelerated journey so if you want to join me live or later please grab your space now for just £24.99

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Your angels and guides will guide you to the opportunities and resources that can help you but they can’t do it for you – this is your chance to show the universe it’s going to be different and we are so honoured, excited and truly ready to help you to step into your power

It must be stated that we cannot refund any ticket booked, and that responsibility for your device connecting to the webinar platform is not taken all of the joining instructions will be sent out with full details on how to join at least 3 days before the event

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