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Activating Atlantis

5 weeks of alchemy to kickstart your path

Week one – Your Atlantis Life
Who you were how you lived how this affects you now

Week two – Clearing The Decks
Clearing all vows all oaths all agreements made in that time that affect you now

Week Three – Energy Upgrades
Removing all limiting energies from generations of being told and taught to be obligated
and obedient in order to be loved to receive powerful Atlantean energies to awaken your Light
body Self into the physical body – you can expect this to supercharge your point of

Week four Meeting the Elders
You will learn more about why you came to earth and you will understand your true place in
the awakening of the New Age that we are in, the Elders of your Atlantean Ancestors will
imbue you with higher levels of awareness than before and you will receive Atlantean codes
of power

Week five Invoking The higher priest and Priestess
We will energetically unite you with your Divine Self, free from limitations ready to embark
upon a new brave journey gearing you up to take chances, you wouldn’t have taken before
feeling confident of your success

What you Get 2 private Galactic Activation sessions with me 1 Hour each 10 live calls with Energy Clearings, upgrades and activations 5 readings on your energy one each week 10 Opportunities to ask Orion questions on your life path and advice All of this for just £299 one payment
or 2 payments of £175

If you have any questions please just ask via my contact page.  

Please read my terms and conditions before signing up. 

I hope to speak to you very soon.