Have you run into a brick wall ? Have you ‘had enough ‘ of affirming how abundant & wonderful everything is – only for the same cycles to play out yet again ? Do you find yourself wondering just ‘what else your supposed to do ‘ in order to move forward in your life ?


So many Lightworkers are feeling the strong pull of chaos, you can literally Feel something coming, & you suspect it won’t be what you want –  my guides tell me honestly that we are about to come face to face with everything we haven’t dealt with, that’s from our past, or from our sub concious & that in order for the ‘great shift’ to happen, each of us must move through what scares us the most ……


I had a life, like many of you, in Ancient Atlantis, in that life I was also a seer, & I tried in vain to warn people of the impending fall, only to be locked up, my family ‘cast out’ & I was made to be obedient & submissive for my final days * something i’ve never been good at since 😉 Even now i cannot bear deep dark water, & cannot stand to. be ‘told what to do’


I discovered that I had vows of invisibility, oaths of obediance & beliefs of ‘being let down’ & betrayed running rampant through my aura, When i got this uncovered the first thing i did was get rid of it all, & within hours new experiences started showing up, I was bluntly amazed that I held so much cr**p because i like to think I’m Pretty good at clearing!


I started seeing many of the same patterns of energy in the auras of the people I do psychic work for every day, of course I;m not going to tell them that despte their best efforts these patterns will keep replaying until they are ousted!


Some of these experiences may ring a bell with you –

  • Feelings of being so tired of how hard life is, & yet not knowing what to do about it
  • Knowing you came here for more than your doing now, but not seeing those you are here to help show up
  • Obligation playing a big part in your day to day life
  • Momentum starts to get going, & then – Zilch!
  • Seeing just how big the job is, being prepared to step up & do your bit but suddenly – you can’t hear your own guides!
  • Just as you get to the place where life feels more manageable something crops up with a loved one.  


This is Orion – he was a well known figure in his hey day & he’s also from Atlantis, he’s coming forward to help all of you that simply refuse to take ‘no’ for an answer!


‘Activating Atlantis’ is your opportunity to accelarate your souls path in the real world

from identifying who you were in atlantis through to getting rid of all the agreements, implants, behaviours & karmic clutter through to receiving Atlantean Codes to kickstart your new life over 5 weeks we will help you all the way


Think of this course as being your very own personal alchemy, you will start the journey by being introduced to who you were and also to how you lived through to receiving a meeting with the atlantean elders, you will finish your journey with a deep clearing of your future timeline we expect this course to sell out fast as it’s designed to give you the courage to do what you haven’t been able to before


You will get weekly readings, 2 live sessions with me focused only on you, meditations and clearings, and opportunities to ask Orion anything you wish and all the support you need to LEAP into 2022 with the success you deserve! And the best part is you can receive help with mulitple areas of your life!

No Holds barred!


Your space is reserved with either:

One payment of £350

or 2 payments of £199


What are you waiting for  Go to my website and book your Activating Atlantis Space today!


We are wishing you abundance and success love and magic but most of all



With great love

Sheelagh & Orion


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