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Sweet beautiful soul – we are seeing so much unrest and trauma in the world that we wanted to come back ‘to your world’ and help you to feel comfortable and nurtured ‘right where you are’ and to share how you can manifest abundance even when you notice the turmoil around you ……



The Angels – my amazing business friends have gifted me some advanced manifesting tips which we hope will help you to understand that you Are a creator but much of what you create is on autopilot and is hugely affected by the collision into other peoples energy fields


Let’s begin with ‘did you know’


  • Did you know …..that your ability to manifest is completely dominated by factors other than your thoughts and your feelings?
  • Did you know ….that your auric field comes into contact with many other ‘consciousness’s every day including the ‘energy spheres of positive people’ and the ‘energy spheres of super negative and troubled people?
  • Did you know…..that the energy in ‘their energy spheres’ once it enters yours will trigger unwanted and unhelpful empathic thoughts and feelings way ‘off base’ with where you wish to be in order to manifest your desire?
  • Did you know ….that these are made up of energy cords, entities that jump over, negative thoughtforms about lack, fear, mistrust and chaos and also ‘poison darts’ transferring their expectations of you
  • Did you know …..that you have ‘containers’ in your auric field for your Money, Relationships, Spiritual Ability, body conciousness and Life Purpose and that these all become ‘affected’ by the energy of ‘out there everywhere’
  • Did you know that you have ‘instant earning money’ settings and ‘instant manifestation settings’ that can be activated if that’s right for you ?
  • Did you know that your vortex is ‘right above your head – it doesn’t take much for more assistance and help to drop in you just have to know how……



apink angelWorking up the emotional scale , positive thoughts and uplifting intentions staying focused upon what you do want and the blessings you do have are all very important factors to ‘thinking your way’ to your goal – and that’s fine if you are a ‘thinking orientated person’ but if like most of my amazing tribe you are empathic it will only place you in that place of ‘I’m thinking this – really positive thought – really really hard, and I’m trying to Feel this positive emotion which is a natural reaction to thinking that really (really) positive thought really (really) hard, but you know what – I just DON’T truly feel happy/uplifted etc I feel stressed and sick to the teeth of thinking so damn hard’ and still….after three days, nothing really changes……


This is because as an empath you are FEELING the disconcerting vibrations (which are waves of energy) in your energy sphere, when you FEEL other peoples emotions it simply doesn’t ALLOW YOU to have positive thoughts but don’t worry we are here to help

aflowers on floor



As an alchemist everything I give you must come from spirit it must also work – I don’t spend hours writing things down I spend hours creating with my energy field and teaching my students and clients to do the same and it’s easy and free – now the ‘instant money settings’ and ‘vibrational abundance medicines’ i give are done ‘in session’ but let me share with you some advanced manifesting tips that you CAN and SHOULD use asap we really hope these help you

  • For a week be brave – ignore the mess you’re in ignore everything you hate about your partner/work colleagues ignore the man who drives on your bumper, ignore the bank balance that tells you everything is getting worse and please Don’t watch the news – and DECIDE that everything you have everything you hear others say (even what would normally make you want to slap them with a wet fish) everything that you struggle with about your body is all ‘what you want for yourself’ actively see it all as what you want – when you do this you become a creator, rather than a creator by default.
  •  It means you have generated everything you see with a view to then being able to use this ‘data’ to expand yes it requires guts but we know how brave you are – but know this, when you stop generating what you don’t want and the universe ‘hears’ you feeling that everything you have created is serving you, you automatically start generating without thinking or trying what you do want – it won’t happen over night but it beats the effort and struggle
  • Stop Trying To Convince yourself you are okay with what you’re not in fact accept some people drive you bloody mad, accept you don’t like your spouses kids, or your mother in law, don’t try and convince yourself that some fine day they will change and like everything you stand for, accept that your spouse does look at other women sometimes especially his friends woman who wears stupidly short skirts for her age, accept you’d like to smack her in the mouth just for having better legs than you – accept everyone just as they are and stop trying to make those around you see things another way – not only is it resistance which means that you are actively creating ‘more bullshit’ for yourself, you are also losing all the manifesting energy you have, to manifest you must have enough mental physical and emotional energy so don’t waste it on people that don’t deserve it when You start to receive what you deserve then you will naturally evoke a better response in these people or they will stop coming round to see you and will avoid you like the plauge either way their entities their money issues their drama doesn’t affect your auric field



  • Be an angel on earth, hence the funky picture above.  We are not talking world peace here we are talking begin to float through your day, do what you have to do but make sure you do what you want to do, if this means the house goes dirty for a week then it does, if it means eating tesco microwave meals for a week then it does, if it means the kids playing for too long on the x box then it does, we want you to be ‘easy about it’ don’t get stressed don’t get worried even if someone around you is ill or in pain or worried your stress levels won’t help them your embracing the feeling of ease will attract more, it will also make sure you are ready to do the bigger stuff


  • Okay so i want you now to think of someone whose energy represents the way you think you’d feel if you had the experience you want who do you admire, what coach would you love to work with, what clairvoyant would you have a session with, what celebrity would you like to have the charisma of – now name that x factor, now ask your guides to infuse you with this after one week do all the other stuff first – what would ‘she’ do in this situation would she really refuse herself the support she deserves ?  Would she really put the kids summer activities above developing her gifts or getting some energetic support ?  what choices would this amazing person make – make those for yourself



  • Jump – and we mean literally with your energy jump forward as if you have ‘had’ this experience in your past, act as if ‘it’s no big deal you did it got the tshirt and hung it up’ yes it was good, yes you still dig it, but you know there is more out there, in other words truly tell yourself that you already ‘had’ this experience (like remembering great sex or that sneaky wine you shouldn’t have touched naughty but very very nice ) CARRY this knowing with you as you do the dishes, run the kids around, do your laundry REMEMBER how it felt – milk it – recall it – lavish yourself with the energy of it and every time you do this it gets closer

apink bubbles


Whatever else you do please don’t ‘wait’ the world is going to go through it’s throes for some three months – your world is going to get affected by the fear and stress energy of others if you don’t have a really good protection, grounding and clearing routine in place, plus inspiration reguarly from some source, you need to have some way of interacting with your higher guidance to make sure that you are the exception to the rule let me share with you some of the things I personally do


  • Every day without fail I Channel my guides verbally
  • Most days I work with one archangel after pulling a card and journal what they want me to say
  • I clear out my out of body chakras so that the flow can keep coming in with special attention to particular ones
  • I clear out my auric field and infuse it with Goddess Vibrations, Fairy Vibrations, Flower Vibrations and Ascended Master Vibrations
  • Once a week i clear the energy of my business and also the energy of my client door
  • I sit and meditate with a rose quartz and incense just ‘for me’
  • I eat only organic food
  • I spend oodles of time in big hot baths (with my handsome husband) and luscious bath salts
  • I use my own abundance routine daily
  • I update my ‘success symbol’ morning and night thanks to a mentor of mine ( I love ya lady)
  • I offer my skills, love, support and guidance ‘to the world’ and ask for this to be advertised on the spiritual plane
  • Oh and i cuddle my dog a lot

We know life isn’t always easy, we also know that there is always support out there and in this vein I’d love to invite you to enjoy my new challenge ‘I Love Abundance’ it’s free and you can sign up here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/challenge


We are so excited to support you that we have one further ‘offering’ for you – if you have ever had a session with me remotely or live or enjoyed any of my challenges I would love to share the opportunity to receive a gift – in return for you sending me a short and sweet testimonial I will enter you into a draw to receive a brand new and picked by the angels gift for you – an oracle card deck posted to where you live wherever in this beautiful world that is – if you’d like to be included please hit ‘reply’ and send your testimonial I’ll be picking the winner on August 1st and the deck will be sent out the same day


pink rose quartz


Whatever is going on with you remember three things


  • everything changes and passes give yourself time
  • you are a creator and it requires your loving yourself to receive loving outcomes
  • you do have a team of angels that do guide you to the resources and the people that can help you – just ask


Sending you love magic and oodles of pink sparkles yes it’s my favorite color


Sheelagh and your team


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