QUANTUM MONEY– Creating More Money This Spring

Do you have a push and pull relationship with money?
Are you fed up of only ever having “just enough” even though you employ ALL the Law Of Attraction Practices daily?

Are you constantly worried about the future “If” your circumstances change – so you be “More Positive  Harder”?

Did you know that lightworkers have a NATURAL default that means we can and often Do push money away?
So though you TRY to be grateful, appreciative, the same old cycles just KEEP replaying.

Money Mastery Class Abundance Lesson
Money Flows When YOU grow – This Course Is Guaranteed To Help You Become More Powerful In EVERY way – Prosperity is just ONE aspect

In 6 weeks time you will…..:

  • Have A clear understanding Of why things haven’t changed
  • Have Advanced Power Tools to change your Prosperity for good
  • Receive Personal Sessions with me to address what’s affecting your flow
  • Receive Money Healing Sessions Weekly with Archangel Michael & my guide Spirit
  • These include past life blocks, ancestral blocks, Aura Blocks & powerful aura surgery
  • Understand what ‘money channels’ are and how to unblock them
  • Understand how to create a New Timeline for money
  • Power Hour Sessions to ask for support on any other life issues affecting your abundance
  • Charts to heal your Money & Wealth Generator
  • A gorgeous Group dynamic Plus 1 to 1 sessions so you get All the Practical help you need.
Sounds Great But What Makes This Different?

There ARE lots of money programmes, but none of them are channelled with MY guides –
Archangel Michael Orion & Spirit are personally taking control of this to ensure you DO put proper changes in place so things Must Change Physically.

All too often I see programmes that talk about changing beliefs but what they don’t actually do is much physically because unless YOU change energetically you won’t feel ABLE to make any ‘real world changes’ because it will STILL feel nice but unlikely and you won’t WANT to take any risks.

If you USE the tools, and the processes in this programme that your money flow WILL change, if you TAKE PHYSICAL action that you haven’t taken before -

Here’s What You Get:

  • 2 1 to 1 Power Hours With me to guide you and troubleshoot where you need it
  • 12 Calls both live and pre recorded to teach you the ADVANCED techniques that I have been
  • 6 Money Healing Activations
  • 6 Money Healing Charts
  • 2 Psychic Readings 1 about Money Blocks 1 about your Soul Purpose Now
  • 6 Card Money Healing Card Readings
  • 6 Q & A’s to ask whatever you wish
  • PLUS you ALSO receive my ‘Archangel Michael Money Mojo Prayer’ as our gift to you – I use
    this myself and it is POWERFUL

I am SO passionate about embracing ALL of life’s possibilities yet often we
feel too tired or stressed to ever really ‘get ahead’, especially if you have many people relying on you daily.
In this group, I will be there for you throughout the whole time to support you in making BOLD CHANGES to your life where money and prosperity are concerned.
I went from being in a homeless refuge to earning over £60,000 a year, and I Don’t use internet marketing – this is all from my vibration alone – So I KNOW I can help you! 

Want in? Then sign up now you can choose from either 1 or 3 payments between now and the course launch date of May 1st

1 Payment of £299

2 Payments of £166

3 Payments of £111

All Balances To be paid before April 21.

I’d Like To Know A Little More  Before I try – Arrange A Chat Here

We cannot Wait to teach you to harness the energy of money and experience MORE MONEY in your REAL life soon!

With greatest love
Sheelagh and your team