Allowing Love & Abundance changes your life

Are you feeling as though you are all tried out?

Have you done everything you can but still nothing is changing?
You’re ready to find your soulmate and create lasting abundance – you know you deserve it but…

unless you are in a hilltop haven we bet you don’t have time to do long meditations, visualisations and if you do we also bet the results have been limited.

The truth is change takes time, but instead of 2 steps forward / 2steps back we’d like you to move forward a step at a time and with regular support, guidance and clearings you will do just that in perfect timing things will change…..

Allowing love and abundance works on the premise that you are just where you need to be

That you don’t need to ‘do ‘ anything vastly different it’s all about increasing your vibration steadily, changing perspectives and bringing in new routines, opportunities and energies and allowing them to deepen.

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If you decide to join us – this small group of loving people your life will change and here is how we will support you

  • 3 live zoom calls – with replays if you can’t make them
  • 1 x ‘Your an abundance God/Goddess’ – a creation class you’ll need pen and paper
  • 1 x ‘Live your life through Love’ – channelled healing class
  • 1 x Q & A with The Council Of Love – you’ll need to get those pesky questions answered
  • FREE facebook group where all the magic happens and there are lots
  • Weekly Card reading in the group for each of you personally
  • Weekly abundance clearing in the group for each of you personally
  • Weekly channelled messages/threads and ‘Thursday Support’
  • Free Channelled ‘Goddess Reading’ if you sign up fast

All of this has a retail price of over £299 but we are offering this to you for a crazy £149!

Allowing Love & Abundance


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