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Hello beauty I hope your July is going well – My trip to America was life changing in So many ways – I got back and within ten minutes of her walking through the door we were racing to hospital at break neck speed, after 10 days in hospital she came home only to experience a severe psychocis that caused her to be unable to walk and talk – 8 long weeks as an inpatient and we are here  thrilled to say my gorgeous girl is about ready to come home, she has battled her issues with immense bravery and i could not be prouder to welcome her back with open arms her bravery has astounded all who know her


Now, she is as humble as pie and has a new found appreciation for everything she holds dear, it is quite awe inspiring that she has such a capacity to love and receive even after all that’ happened – my guides told me bluntly this won’t be the last of her battles it is a life long experience for us all – they told me now it’s time for me to put my psychic hat back on and do what i cam here to do which is inspire teach and support outside of my family circle


To celebrate – this week anyone who chooses to sign up to my all new Psychic Spirit Club will get a FREE personal channelled message from their guides in response to 1 question on any topic as my gift to you! No catches!


Psychic Spirit Club is the updated refreshed sparkly psychic group that I run each month, this time you get more personalised help than before it’s sods law that when you need it = its not there and so I decided to UP my love offerings to you!

Every month In Psychic Spirit club you will get


  • 2 personal psychic readings as part of a group format ask me anything!
  • Monthly psychic class
  • Psychic healing on ANY topic you need help with romance money the hamster
  • Discounts off all my classes
  • Weekly forecast from the guides

I am So excited to offer this that I could not wait until midweek – so if this rings your bell please head on over to the webpage here and after signing up email me at sheelaghmaria22@gmail.com with your question for your guides


Book Psychic Spirit club Here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/psychic-spirit-club/


Sending you all my warmest hugs and love

Sheelagh and Jessi Bear

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