An Update On Family


Hello gorgeous soul how are you faring ? Today on the eve of the ┬ásolstice I found myself contemplating my mothers short life and how impactful that was on me – and how my beautiful daughter Jessica remains both a concern and inspriation


Some of you may remember Jessicas battles with mental health, well we did nearly lose her, and now thankfully she is an inpatient at a wonderful private hospital and though her battle is likley to be lifelong, for now she is safe – pictured here with her ‘slightly curvy’ mum just two weeks ago

So many of us are often caught between the desire to grow and fulifll our potential on earth, and at the same time dealing with the issues that affect our loved ones, often the two can seem to cancel each other out, and yet Orion has told me bluntly ‘it’s all the same thing’


Put simply if i had Not dealt with the early loss of my mum, and the sacrifices that followed, I wouldnt have been the mother I am to Jessica, and had I not had the terror and the worry of supporting her through her journey as hard as it’s likely to be, I would not have the empathy nor the trust in Spirit that I DoIn the end learning through our relationships is often the Best way to fulfil our potential to help others

One of the hardest ‘legacy’s I inherited was the view I was completely worthless, instilled by my father deeply, a I finally understood it was time to live my life in a different way – – I have a Lot knowledge as a teacher in how to help others develop thier gift, teaching IS my thing ┬á– and I’m embracing this


Soon my new course ‘Advanced Mediumship‘ will soon be open for registration and today I bring You the offer of joining me on a indepth Psychic class ‘Clearing Family Soul Contracts’ where i teach you how Father energy causes what we can receive in terms of psychic abilities, success, growth and progress can be massively hindred and Mother contracts unhealed cause our talents and abilities to be much less than they could be – and i have actually signed up with another mentor myself even after 16 years i still LOVE to learn –

If you would like to ‘cancel out’ cycles that Keep repeating in your life then understanding the Karma we agreed to deal with is essential if we want to have a Different kind of life, in this 2 hour class we will


  • Teach you about Mother & Father soul contracts & how they block abilities and success and yes even love
  • Clear the unessacary soul contracts that still affect you
  • Explain the difference between Karma and Soul lessons & how to recognise them
  • Support you with a pdf to refer to after the call
  • Answer your questions live on the class
  • Mini reading for all who register
  • Opportunity to understand your future soul purpose through my guides

And best of all you get to learn how to help yourself for good


Want to join ? ┬áThe Class is on Saturday July 2nd at 9am uk time – all attendees will receive a recording of the call it;s Just ┬ú66 book here for your place┬áhttps://paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom?country.x=GB&locale.x=en_GB


We cannot wait to work with you soon!

All our love and big hugs

Sheelagh and your team



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