Angel Healing – A spoonful of (Angel) Medicine

Hello beautiful soul how has the retrograde left you feeling?  A bit ‘meh’?

Your angels are here to help – today we are going to share some ‘affirmations which if you use them will assist you in bringing your angel’s assistance into your energy

If you are experiencing concerns with relationships – please ask the Relationship angels to assist you  ‘ Relationship Angels please help me in every way you can’ for added assistance get a beautiful pink flower and put it in the room you spend most of your time in – every time you look at the flower breathe in the pink and imagine it going into your heart

If you are experiencing issues with money & lack of abundance – please ask the Prosperity angels to assist you ‘ Prosperity angels please even increase and strengthen my flow in all ways thank you ‘ and to help you further get 2 favourite crystals (new ones ) that make you FEEL abundant and carry them in your purse Or buy a small bracelet with your favourite crystal in it – this allows you literally to ‘refer to abundance’ every time you spend something or look at your wrist


Angel Healing

Finally, Your angels can do much much for you  – we would love you to ‘take your own medicine’ and Know that you are capable of the most amazing life changes – the only thing you have to do is …

  • Making sure you are not corded hooked or attached to people who drain you
  • Making sure you do not have attachments in your money relationship or business area
  • Making sure your Spiritual contracts where teaching, healing and receiving are only positive ones
  • Making sure your aura is free from beings, rips and toxins
  • Making sure you are connected to your higher self and Yup your angels too
  • Making sure you recognise when your angels are speaking with you through your gift


Angel Healing


There are so many Angel remedies that you can ask the angels to use for you but the most important thing to know is this – who is guiding you and what they’re saying – we would love to help you – I have 6 ‘Angel Messaging Sessions’ where we will tell you all of the above and who is guiding you book yours now by going here please note all sessions are booked April 17th onwards


For now a million pink Sparkles to you


Sheelagh and your team

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