Angels & Demons


Each of us is running the gauntlett this July with our personal power coming to the fore sometimes this is happening because of a choice that must now be made


Your angels are closer than ever yet you are likely to feel as if you are in a vaccum and may well be unsure of the fact they are present at all  – this is largely because of the density of Earth and some of her inhabitants – we are all in this together and it’s not just us either


You see there are many realms of heaven and energy – ‘in earth’ we have many astral realms all of which contain earthbound souls *those who haven’t yet ascended and other types of ‘energy critters’ – these critters can cause many disruptions on our path including


  • Extreme fatigue confusion and lack of clarity
  • Low self esteem detachment even self harm in teens
  • Chronic health issues flaring up especially Me Fibromyalgia and other immune base issues
  • Technology going wrong misundertandings with loved ones money drying up
  • Arguments with loved ones issues in loving relationships coming to a had
  • Dark dreams feelings of loss feelings of your energy being attacked in some way

Your angels WANT to help you and in this vein they have asked me to host a one time free class that will equip you with information to help yourself and others including Teens, Empaths, Sensitive people healers and those who feel they have some kind of attachment or draining going on

Saturay 7th July 9 am Uk time I am hosting a free call for one hour to help you with this there is No catch no sign up just click the link ill be closing the meeting at 915 and i have only 50 spaces https://zoom.us/j/917389681



We hope to empower you to be all you can be



Sheelagh and the angels

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