Are You A Cosmic Girl ? (From Another Galaxy?)


Because I know for sure I’m an alien – I’ve never felt ‘at home’ here and I’ve Always been obsessed with deep space and water as well which I understand is from my Arturvian home …..It’s had a huge impact on my path here as I find physical life so much tougher than Spiritual life

For me the breakthrough came when I realised I could tap into my galactic lives at will to understand why I was a certain way and why certain things were easier or harder for me than they were for others – I then was able to trust my higher selfs guidance so much more because it made sense


So many of you have lived very few physical lives on earth, as such you wanted to get as much out of this as you could but it can be made so much harder because things are different for us

Did you know Starseeds manifest differently we can’t ‘be positive at all costs’ because we sense what’s going on energetically we Have to manifest through the will of our higher self- if she doesn’t want what you do then it’s Not going to happen


The ability to dive into your higher selfs knowing is invaluable whether you want to look at your next life, reasons why things work out a certain way or anything else we got you


Saturday 3 & 10th April I’m hosting  a workshop that I just know you would love – its by a starseed For starseeds and it’s to learn how to do the things you really need to know you CAN we’l cover

How to dive into your own and anothers Galactic Lineage

How to know if your astral travelling or if it’s just a dream

How to know if you’ve visited a parralel life

How to journey home to be with your Star and Soul Family

See what Angelic Realm you’ve lived in

Learn how to read your own future timeline

Learn how to manifest as a starseed


AND ill be giving each attendee a starseed reading and a Special Lightbeing and Starbeing Activation making it easier for you to do all of the above for other people too – this is ‘Lightbeing Astral Travel & Third eye’ and ‘Starbeing Astral Travel & Third Eye’ I rarely give these to people



Whether you know you can add these skills to your own healing practice or whether you just want to study something I know for sure nobody else is teaching then this two day workshop will be amazing for you

two places have already gone so we’re down to 3 jump on the link here to book if you want to discover ‘what else’ you can do with your gift you can pay in two installments up until the 8th april if you wish


I would So love you to be able to totally trust your higher self and get her guidance whenever you need it there is nothing ‘in this world’ like it – Book your space as a Cosmic Girl here either one payment of £155

or two payments of £80







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