Are You An Emerging Empath ?



Do You Find it hard to tell the difference between your mind and your intuition ?  Do you find you get disappointing results when trying to allow something to happen ?  Do you feel depleted when you’ve been around a partner, co-workers or clients ?


So many of you right now are emerging as empaths and it can either Rock or Rule your world, you see when we take in the energy of others whether ‘on purpose’ or ‘by accident’ and then process it as if it were ours (those feelings of frustration) and ‘decide it’s about’ – a subject in our life – that subject area Takes On the energy you are processing – vastly affecting your point of attraction


‘The Emerging Empath’ is my offering to you a series of short free videos empowering you to understand your gift and how it affects you, your life, your relationships and your career – we want to keep this short so here we are – we’d love to see you over at our You Tube Channel and do comment we would LOVE to know how this feels for you 







For now we want to say ‘thankyou’ for taking this journey with us and I would personally love to hear about your empathic experiences either comment on the blog or on youtube or please do feel free to get in touch


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team


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