Are You Struggling With Your Relationship?

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Hello beautiful soul, I am here because my guides have shown me how many lightworkers are struggling in relationships right now but don’t know where to turn

Your relationship * or lack of it – is a direct reflection of your self worth – and even if your self worth is really good – I see many lightworkers who feel highly anxious because their partner doesn’t adopt the same approach to growth that they do – at best you can feel limited and as if you ‘have to wait for them to grow’ and at worst the lack of their self awareness can make you feel terrible about yourself – & it’s not meant to be like that

It’s so important to understand that there are different soul types, and these soul types can complement each other – but if your expectations are not being met in some way it’s often that there are old patterns at play on both sides causing a breakdown in intamacy and trust – no matter how much you love someone or how long you’ve been together if you don’t trust your future together it can be highly upsetting – & for lightworkers it can eclipse your path because you are so sensitive in these times

Orion wants you to know when you understand your soul contract with each other in greater detail, and you understand what kind of soul you partner is – it’s far easier to feel secure in ‘what is’ and more confident in ‘what could be’ & that is the opportunity we offer here today

My passion is to help Lightworkers that are struggling, whether it’s an issue with your clairvoyance or your long running relationship is just not feeling good we are here to help

Take a look at my new ‘Lightworkers Relationship Reading & Clearing’ for the help you need – you can also check out my new Freebie – What soul type are you’ here at http:/www,sheelaghmaria.com – whatever is going on for you in this powerful time – know that we understand and we are here to help

Sending you all our love and with a 100% belief in you

Sheelagh & Orion


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