Becoming Your Abundance





There is so much energy flying around and having seen my beautiful community struggling The Guides asked me to share what’s really going on – you have one heck of a party invite….



We’re not talking about an invite to the dodgy office party, we’re talking about your higher self getting off her throne and coming down to work with you – literally if you’re reading this your’e on a new soul path and it feels funky before it feels fabulous


Your new soul path is because you went ‘as far as you could’ and many of you will know there are things you ‘just can’t do any more’ you may feel as if


  • Certain things MUST change you can’t put in That amount of effort any more
  • You are less hung up on what is going to happen you have your hands full with what is happening – but you wish someone could give you some good news
  • You don’t know what’s coming but you know what’s been – and you Need it to be easier and lighter faster
  • Even the people you adore seem to have checked out somewhat they don’t seem to know what to do in their life so you’re not sure they can help you in fact they seem to ask for or expect More from you


Phew……but listen it’s all good we promise – this invite promises you more love and abundance If you do your part of the dance – it’s vital to understand we are not living under the old rules anymore each of us is a creator and we will create quickly, what’s happening now is for you to look at

  • Where you are acting from a place of personal frustration, making assumptions, feeling defensive ready to give up
  • Understanding where what you ‘thought’ you were here to do is not the same as what you ARE here to do, and getting fully on board with this after you put your lip away
  • Not getting hung up on the fact everyone else seems to have done it faster and better than you – because baby You’re the best at being you – and when you relax into this with ‘power tools’ the probablities are MUCH more ‘WOWZERS’ than before

So what does this ‘mean’?


It’s time to work in partnership with your soul even if you don’t believe in angels and guides, it’s time to believe in yourself, even if right now the results aren’t what you hoped they would be, it’s time to put the ‘ooooh’ back into ‘YOU’…..



‘Becoming Your Abundance ‘ is my new offering where I get real and I share with you what it CAN be like versus what IT IS like – when you work from mental energy ‘nada muchas’ is happening, when you work and GROW WITH your soul and don’t avoid your issues and problems – ‘lotsus maximus’ is what you’l be getting because the bigger and stronger your vibration get, the Universe recognises you in a Much bigger way – it’s like a boob job for the heart and brain, and the soul just adds a whole lot more ‘booty’ to your abundance levels….





I know it sounds floaty, and it ISN’T = let me be straight gorgeous, I hear angels all day every day BUT that doesn’t mean I don’t have to do my own growing, it’s ONLY when we grow that our energy glows


When your energy is brighter and more visible to the Universe she Reflects this back at you – when you are pretending that you’ve done your work, affirmed, visualised and been happy harder (ouch) you’l know within three days Nothing changes at all – isn’t it time you deserved to let go, chill out and take the wait out things ?


‘Soul Journeys’ is my new channeled modality where you are supported from The Guides to understand


  • What your Core Soul Essence is – without this NOTHING changes
  • What your Current Satelite Journey is – if you don’t integrate THIS your jogging on the spot
  • What your Soul Imprints are that need clearing – imagine trying to run with a broken leg – that’s what this does for your point of attraction – zilch
  • What your heart walls are – they are the filters that prevent love and abundance from reaching you
  • What your soul contracts are blocking and how to clear this – for improved relationships and general ease and peace


Because this is such powerful work I’m only offering this to people I really align with – so if you want to work direct with The Guides who know you better than you know yourself or at least ‘as well as’ i invite you to try an hour with us to find out what’s going on that isn’t allowing things to grow – you can book your hour with me and the guides for just £99 that has the capability to change your life …..here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/clairvoyant-reading/














We also know that it’s pre christmas and you may well be thinking ‘I can’t justify that’ – we want you to put yourself first, if you don’t help yourself nobody else can…..that’s why I’m offering the first 3 people a complimentary 6 month forecast via email when you book – that way you also have oodles of information about the upcoming challenges, opportunities and possibilities – your guides want you to feel supported and loved



Remember you can’t kid the universe and if things aren’t changing it’s because there is something that is not integrated ‘enough’ for your soul, you have to grow for the constriction to stop, only then will you receive the go ahead for the creator energy needed to manifest


We are here you are there and we hope to work with you soon


With hugest warmest love and 100% belief in you


Sheelagh – and The Guides








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