Being an empath

Being An Empath Ruined My Life…..Before It Made It

Being an empath

Being an empath isn’t easy and I wanted to share a true post about how this really affected me – just in the way I know it really affects you – this picture was taken at a time I’d just started my business, had just met my husband and I had the proverbial cheesy grin on my face that I am famous for but…..

On the surface, I looked very happy – but away from the smile I was experiencing

  • Bouts of low self-belief – I picked this up from family and clients
  • Feelings of insecurity connected to my gift – this was because of energy cords that ran into my business
  • Times when my earnings were inconsistent and low – this was when my money area had beings in it
  • Worries about my relationship lasting and evolving – picking up the ‘expectations’ of people around me

The Hard Part Was That I had no way of knowing until I learnt to clear it and realized – it wasn’t mine …..but it had affected my life, my feelings and my point of attraction as if it had…..



How do I know I’m an Empath?

The signs that you are an empath are numerous – but did you know that there is a new breed of Emerging Empath?

The Emerging Empath is a special kind of person because they won’t have experienced this before or not in the way they are now you may well

  • Suddenly not be able to think clearly about your next move
  • Have more pathways open to you but no clue which one is the right one
  • Feel overwhelmed by the expectations of others – even though they’re not actually saying anything new
  • Feel overwhelmed by the energies of your workplace or home – even though they haven’t actually changed
  • Feel like you need to avoid crowded noisy places – even when your role asks you to be in these
  • Feel as if you can’t trust some people and need to find a way to trust yourself
  • Sense that something is ‘off’ with your business/relationship/life path but not be able to be clear what it is
  • Feel as though the way that you normally get your guidance – just isn’t working any longer
  • Know that your efforts to manifest just aren’t working any longer

We want you to know that this is because you have grown into your spiritual gifts – but you are experiencing other peoples energy instead of your own……when you are full of other peoples energy = you manifest their point of attraction instead of your own

How do I know if I'm an empath?

I’m inviting you to learn how to use your empathic gifts in a way that allows your life to expand – this Saturday my new series ‘Emerging Empath Episode 3 – Energy Cords’ comes out with a freebie from me – a De Cording From Archangel Michael which will help you to understand and recognise if you, your business, your relationship or any other area has been corded, we are so excited and honoured to help you who has doubted her gifts to step into them – this is all happening for a reason

For now though we simply wanted to touch base and say ‘nothing’s wrong – you’re expanding and your gifts are part of this’

I specialize in helping people develop their gifts so that their relationships, business and life purpose can Also expand – understanding when you are ‘full up’ with others stuff is crucial so that you can get full up instead of your own soul energy and that is where everything changes

For now – we invite you to get in contact if you’d like some help with your gift you can contact me here https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/contact/

With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team

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