Calling In Your Soulmate


Are you wondering when ‘The One’ will show up ? or are you wondering if who you are with ‘after everything’ is actually ‘the one’ your supposed to be with ?



These energies are placing the happiest unions under the microscope – but we want you to know a soul contract is Supposed to challenge you to become more loving, more compassionate and yet stand in your truth and let your colours shine


  • Do you feel as if you can’t live with them – but you can’t live without them either it Must change
  • Are you wondering whether your wasting your time – that perhaps ‘he’ or ‘she’ is still out there ?
  • Is your partner’s family wreaking havoc on your life or perhaps his lack mentality is affecting your money, your abundance and is causing more stress
  • Perhaps you just haven’t met them yet

I know what this is like – I was 39 twice divorced (yes that’s right ) 4 kids and no money when I met my Mr Wright –

I used a technique that spirit gave me to call him in we call it the ‘Soulmate Template’ they taught me to energise it and use it daily – within 4 weeks I’d met him, within 4 days he moved in within 6 months we were married – within 6 years we are married very happily – and I want to teach this to you!





Communicating & Calling In Your Soul Mates’ – 2 hour class Tuesday September 19th 5.30 pm – replay for anyone who can’t make it live ‘ 


  • Understanding the difference between a Soulmate Soulfriend & Karmic Soulmate
  • Understanding how to renew a Soulmate contract
  • Knowing when to walk away
  • Knowing how to receive a healing ‘for them’ and ‘for you’
  • Creating a Soulmate Template & Energising it
  • Connecting with your twin flame to help you with ‘that ‘ relationship
  • Calling in Soul mates that are clients/employers/friends/your soul tribe


A Free healing Soulmate  transmission for you here and now


The class is filling up quickly this is perfect for you if you want more soul mates in your life or you need help with a particular soul mate be it partner, family friend or foe…..it’s just £39 for your place and you can book yours here


For now though we want you to remember Soul mates take up a huge part of our path, and often its the energy of our soulmates who either help or hinder our souls potential from being birthed


This is a life changing course for not a lot of dosh so jump on it if you want in


Sending SO much love

Sheelagh and your team

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