Cinderella, Rapunzel and unlimited abundance for you



I remember opening my email one morning after a really emotional weekend, and finding 11 people had also had a lot of heart energy challenging them – they felt exhausted and yet they couldn’t see how it was going to get any easier and they didn’t know what to do about it 


Spirit said to me that heart energy is when what we’ve suppressed comes up to be released, but it doesn’t happen without feelings and fears being felt – for many people right now they are ‘at the mercy’ of the processing of others, and often it’s coming in multiple ways, so you just recover from one bout of self doubt, and are plunged into another, on top of that your physical reality still needs attention, and there still isn’t enough to go around and you don’t know ‘how’ or ‘if’ it will ever change and everything just feels tiring



It doesn’t have too – I know that the heart is a patient mistress and all too often she is showing you what needs to be healed so that you can receive the ‘more’ you’ve been yearning for.  But the heart only shows us what’s ‘present now’ what she can’t do is alter your ‘settings’ that mean that it’s easier for you to release and then receive the opportunities and resources that would make life feel an awful lot easier and supportive




What I’m seeing right now is people who are at the end of their tether in relationships and money situations and they simply don’t have the tools to change what’s going on – we are here to support you – ‘ I Love Abundance’ is a magical 4 day challenge designed to help you to help yourself – oh and it’s entirely free


  1. In Cinderellas Shoes you will emulate the energy of someone you truly admire, someone whose life you’d love to live
  2. In The House That Jack Built you will review your ongoing path, and understand more about your current ‘building project’ you will also increase your ability to match vibrations with what you want
  3. In ‘The Emperors New Clothes’ you will create a higher timeline to the life – with abundance work done you can manifest (I’m Proof)
  4. Finally in Rapunzel’s Tower you will work with your guides to see whose energy is in conflict with what you are trying to manifest


If at the end of all of this you are ready to dive in and actively DO something about it the offer is there – but if not you will have benefited from information that is vital to your energy signature that is affected by the people and situations around you – knowledge is power




More than anything we want to support you in creating the life you came here to have – and you Do have all the nessacary information somewhere in your signature – we want to help you to access this, open it up and bring it on – in ‘real world ways’ this looks like


  • Having your ability to manifest turned to ‘instant’
  • Being in connection with your guides
  • Having an abundance routine to use daily to open yourself wider
  • Understanding your true soul purpose at this time

Put simply it’s all there for the taking and we are inviting you to click this link for the free challenge




We know there are a thousand people out there trying to sell to you but I want to make this clear, unless you feel supported from the inside out nothing can or will change, your own energy is the most comforting place to start, you are your ‘own best friend’ you won’t let yourself down, you won’t expect ‘too much’ of yourself and you will recognise what’s meant for you – search your heart now and answer this – woulnd’t some support feel good ?


Now the only catch is that it needs to take you 4 days – I work with very advanced tools such as opening up your vibrations, altering the amount you can receive, and implementing light tools to allow your guides to work miracles with your money and abundance experience – these things do create shifts and changes and you do need to be ready to allow those changes ‘through’ so the 4 day experience is ‘just that’ of course the greatest changes the most abundant ones come when you are fully ‘on board’ with being ready to Love Abundance


Your heart doesn’t have to hurt, your money doesn’t have to keep running out, you do not have to feel so tired and ‘efforted out’ any more the support IS there and this is just one way of receiving it – but there are others – and our heartfelt wish for you is for you to access what is easiest loving and nourishing for you


Over the next two weeks we will all face what we have hidden – now is the time to dive in and be the creator you were born to be, to release that which hurts, forgive who you need to and receive all the love and real world changes that your soul wants you to have – it starts with you


Wishing you much magic and always love

Sheelagh and your team

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