Quantum Money

  What does that even mean ?  It means simply  ‘before It’s Manifested’ The world events globally & personally are  all about power, & whether we yield to it or whether we ‘stand in it’ & use it in positive motivational ways, either way it’s getting stronger & the question is are you harnessing it …

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Hello gorgeous soul how is 2022 for you so far ? I’ve noticed a lot of people coming head first with challenges in thier immediate path, for some time I have known this was coming & so I have like many diversified & am thrilled to share my Etsy shop ‘Mystichick’ with those of you …


September Spirit……..

The summer winds it;s way down to gifting us with golden dusky evenings and a time to take stock……but for many of us we still feel we have So much to do, so much to share …..and it can feel that you ‘can’t stop yet’ even though your not sure exactly which direction ‘your supposed …

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Soul Bathing for abundance

Soul Bathing For Abundance

Soul bathing for abundance Hello beautiful soul – are you feeling the push and pull of earthly life?  Do you look at the future and feel your heart sinking because it all just seems ‘so stressful and heavy?’ Then we have a gorgeous opportunity for you Throughout the last year many of you have gone …

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Channelling Circle Open

  February is ‘The Quickening’ after the slow fatigue energy of January the New Year Finally begins – and you will be feeling a strong urge to expand – the only question is How do you do that from the ‘stuck’ energy of ‘now’?   The most important thing to remember is that the Universe …

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Are You An Emerging Empath ?

  Do You Find it hard to tell the difference between your mind and your intuition ?  Do you find you get disappointing results when trying to allow something to happen ?  Do you feel depleted when you’ve been around a partner, co-workers or clients ?   So many of you right now are emerging …

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Time To Claim Your Magic – By Michael

o Here is a message as channeled by Archangel Michael on your true magical nature……   ‘Greetings beloved sisters and brothers – it is I your Angelic Cousin who addresses you this fine day …… I speak to you today of your true nature so that many of you may cease waiting and start embracing …

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Opening Into Abundance – by The Three

    A channeled message from The Three on how we Are abundance – we do not have to continue to manifest from a place of struggle, effort, or constant monitoring of our thoughts – enjoy   ‘Dear ones we are truly pleased to be with you this fine morning, and today we share with …

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7 Things You Didn’t Know About Manifesting Abundance

  You have likely been told there is an unlimited stream of abundance waiting to find it’s way to you – yet I also bet that you are still finding despite your best efforts to the contrary it hasn’t arrived yet.   What most people do is this : convince themselves that they are happy …

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