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Oct 30, 2023 - Nov 27, 2023

Learn To Read & Clear Soul Records

  • 29Days
  • 5Steps


Are you a empath and healer and are ready to expand with your gifts but every time you try do you find that you get stopped because of life or family issues ? Would you like to be able to help your loved one with blocks in their path whilst also being ready to uplevel yourself? Then this course is for you! As part of a five week group we will teach you how to : - Dowse Soul Types, Soul Lessons & Soul Contract details - Learn to CLEAR soul lessons and soul blocks - Learn to Invoke powerful angelic help on behalf of your loved one - Learn how to read your loved ones timeline - Understand the different types of soul contracts & how this impacts their soul path Includes: - Soul charts to dowse soul types - Archangelic Charts to provide soul clearings - Soul contract charts to dowse soul lessons - Angelic Messaging Lessons to receive accurate guidance 5 weeks group sessions with all materials provided The ability to be able to heal soul records means you can make your own life easier whilst also helping them. I only offer this training once in a blue moon so jump in if you want to learn something which REALLY makes a difference to you and your families life

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