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Nov 7, 2023 - Dec 19, 2023

You are an Angel Medium

  • 43Days
  • 2Steps


Are you curious as to your spiritual gifts and how you could develop these ? Have you always felt and known things but perhaps thought everyone could do this ? Mediumship is often seen as an elite skill, but with practice most sensitive intuitive people can have success In this 5 week course you will be taught from the outset how to connect with the Archangels * You will learn the structure of giving a good intuitive reading without tools * Learn how to read the current timeline accurately * You will also receive 2 Psychic attunements to elevate your intuition naturally and permanently * You will learn how to call in loved ones on behalf of your client and through your Clair senses how to give empathic and partially evidential guidance * Give Live readings to my clients * Course includes pdf trainings, recordings and the opportunity to strengthen your abilities in a loving environment For this course it does not matter if you are a complete beginner as you will be taught everything you need to know

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You Are an Angel Medium
£75.00/month + £99.00 Deposit


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