Channeling Abundance With Archangel Gabriel Sat 18th Feb

You Are A Channel For Abundance, Love & Magic – But Only If You Open Your Channels To Fully Receive – Saturday 18th Feb 2pm UK time we will show you how to do this …..

Channelling Abundance Means


  • Seeing your current circumstances from a 5th dimensional perspective – this changes the atoms light quotia
  • Ensuring that you have ENOUGH flow of divine energy coming through you – not just mental output
  • Being aware of the RIGHT TIMING of certain events and outcomes – rather than what your mind tells you
  • Moving beyond the fear and frustration of things not happening yet – and creating the open channels above your body using your 9th and 14th chakras to bring your higher self’s assistance through
  • Loving yourself enough to slow down and do the integration that MUST happen – so that your current ‘Soul Assignment’ is fulfilled – Then your higher self will allow things to evolve…..



Abundance is all around us, but we get so caught up in where we are going – we often forget to stop and smell the flowers


This call is going to address the 1 life area that you are feeling ‘stuck’ with and together we will help you create a 5th dimensional Soul Statement that allows the energy to change


The call is perfect for you if you just need to ‘get the flow going’ where it is stuck and stagnant – it’s also perfect if you have numerous areas to accelerate and your not sure which is the biggest priority – sometimes a sidestep must be made first so that your flow starts again…..


This class is available to you and will be available as a download for 5 days after the call – because this is a really intimate group i only have 10 places reserve yours now – as a special ‘thank you’ for each of the 10 that reserve a place on the call I will send you a Oracle Card pull within 24 hours of booking for a personal focus for February …..



Yes please I want to join you either live or receive the replay and also enjoy my FREE 1 card ‘pull’ by return for just £24.99

‘Yes please I want to join you either live or receive the replay and also enjoy my FREE 1 card ‘pull’ by return’

With 100% Belief In You


Sheelagh and your team

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