Channelling Your Angels For Abundance & Success




You hear people talk of ‘unlimited abundance’ or ‘unconditional love’ but your experience right now isn’t that – and you don’t know how it ‘can be’ anytime soon – we want to ask you to relax, you’re prayers are always heard and always answered – this is what ‘this is’ for you …..


The Law Of Attraction is 100% finite – but as with any ‘tool’ it’s only as useful as the way it’s applied, and so many are using the LOA through their mental and emotional faculities rather than their true essence as a soul…….when you manifest as a SOUL rather than a SOUL ASPECT or personality you will


  • Be able to move through obstacles faster knowing they’re just part of the current landscape
  • Speed up your ability to manifest as you identify with your true abundant loving happy self no matter what
  • Be in alignment with your ‘higher guidance’ and receive clearings healings and guidance from you guides on all subjects
  • Automatically be able to operate from this higher perspective for clients, family loved ones and help them
  • Automatically attract what you require as it’s required


There are lots of shadows around right now as we head towards the close of the year yet this needn’t hinder your light –



In this short video Archangel Michael shares with you how to do this and he gives you a technique that I personally use every day to bring about abundance and success we hope you enjoy it it’s here






Channelling Your Angels helps you in SO many ways here are the ways it will help you practically


  • Improvements in health and wellbeing
  • Sharper emotional and mental clarity
  • Being in full alignment with your purpose
  • Being able to hear your guides and your angels
  • receiving guidance on every topic for you, your family your clients etc
  • Start manifesting as a SOUL rather than a limited personality
  • Help others on their path as your channelling ability grows
  • Automatically access your divine abundance as a being focused in heaven
  • receive it upon earth


The FREE broadcast is on Saturday December 17th 11 am uk time – and you can register for the live call by emailing me here     https://www.sheelaghmaria.com/contact/    you are also invited to submit a question to ask The Angels on any of the following topics


  • What is your biggest spiritual gift
  • What’s blocking your purpose
  • What’s blocking you
  • What you can do about that
  • Who is with you
  • What they want you to know about your path at this time


Letting your angels channel through you is such a heavenly experience – it means you literally begin creating heaven on earth because channelling allows that energy through you and into your timeline……




For now though remember the shadows only draw more reference to your light and it’s time for you to allow it to shine


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your time


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