Channelling Circle Open


February is ‘The Quickening’ after the slow fatigue energy of January the New Year Finally begins – and you will be feeling a strong urge to expand – the only question is How do you do that from the ‘stuck’ energy of ‘now’?


The most important thing to remember is that the Universe brings us not just what we think – but what we are vibrating – imagine if you were to surround yourself in High Vibrational energy And develop your gifts ? That energy is then available on the earth plane to ‘go out there and come back to you in physical form’


Are you a fan of Esther Hicks, Bashar, Lee Harris (or perhaps even me ?) then this is for you!


I have been teaching people to channel for 8 years – and I am always eager to explain the practical benefits of it including


  • Younger looking physical appearance & improved health
  • Faster manifestation of anything you want to receive
  • Your gifts supercharged and growing every time you channel
  • Advice on every subject when you need it – for free!


My guides have asked me to open a Channelling Circle twice a month where you will be encouraged to tone, open to channelling and even move into light language the format is simple we meet twice a month via zoom and everyone gets to have a go – and exercises and homework will be provided before your next class – because a certain amount of structure is good we will be channelling Archangels, Lemurians, Starbeings Fairies and Masters – you will find the beings you channel ‘share a vibration with you’ the set up is simple you will receive


  • A link for zoom for our first  class & a description of the class prior
  • Tuition and guidance on any channelling techniques we are using
  • Ongoing support via a private group
  • Advanced tuition not normally available out of a bespoke course
  • The opportunity to channel in front of a supportive group


The first class is February 26th with your second class happening 12th March Monday evenings 6pm – we are taking bookings for this now – I am at this moment only opening this to a handful of people so if you have wanted to channel then book your space asap – it’s just £88 a month for both classes and tuition and membership of the circle  – I will want to have a chat with you to make sure that this is suitable so after booking I will be connecting with you to make sure our energy is a fit for you


‘Yes I So want to develop my ability to channel sign me up ‘

If you have any concerns or any questions prior to signing up then please do email me and Ill be happy to arrange a chat with you


with 100% belief in you


Sheelagh and your team

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