Choosing Your Timeline


Every day your Universe begins again – it may Look and Feel the same as yesterday but the atoms are irrevocably different altered forever since you slept – the only thing that remains to be chosen is how they will continue to change and evolve whether that’s into a form you love or one that feels constricting


Did you know at any moment we have 11 ‘timelines’ open to us ?  it’s completely possible from where you are to ‘jump’ onto a higher timeline which allows much more positive outcomes – but only if you are prepared to evolve as completely as your atoms need to…….


I would love to teach you how to do this – you see right now people are seeing their lives tighten, get smaller and more chaos unfolding which is the ‘hand of time’ moving you forward even if you have resistance to what you feel that is – the unknown needn’t be chaotic but if it is for you it’s because your atoms are changing to the tightness that is observing their current make up …..they are in effect a intricate mirror of where you have been and where you are going




Worlds within worlds await you If you are ready to side step the chaos, the fear of loss, the worry of lack and you can begin to ‘create anew’ that which never quite manifested for you before – here is our offer for you



For just £99 I will invite you to Fall In Love With Your Entire Life AND introduce you to your most loving and powerful guides …….this 6 week course is open to you at a special price to help you fall in love with all those aspects which are constricted so that gently and lovingly the atoms take on your highest potential


  • 6 weeks 6 calls Free card pulls weekly
  • Free Healing transmissions from your Guardian Angel Your Fairies Your Starbeings
  • Learn how to connect and open to the 5 d technology that ‘heaven uses to manifest’
  • Ask your team questions about your future and receive answers


This is a very special opportunity to receive guidance in a loving group format via facebook a small 10 strong private group where you are receiving 6 weeks support for just £99 – This is a very special offer for only 3 of you because the rest of the programme has sold out you will receive 


  • Private access to our Falling In Love With Life Group
  • Weekly card pulls and whatever is shared freely in the group
  • The opportunity to receive personal guidance on the weekly calls
  • An opportunity to know who your Guardian Angels are and who your Archangel is too




Right now we have the choice to stop tighten put the breaks on and refuse to expand, maybe your heart is hurting maybe your bank account is empty maybe you have too many demands on your time and no support just for you – or despite ‘all the good reasons to stay stuck and get smaller’ you realise you get more of where you are now, and from that standpoint you really DO need to expand onto a higher timeline no matter the temptation to put your fingers in your ears turn your eyes skyward and ‘la la la la la ‘



So if like me you came here ‘for the ride’ and you are completely unwilling to be defined by your current circumstances but you need a little tlc right ow – then step forth and let us help you book your place on Falling In Love with your life by clicking here and i will be sending you all the joining details for the fun magic and love which starts Next Monday 2nd October you really Don’t have to do it all alone

‘Yes for just £99 I’d love to receive clearings card pulls and weekly guidance sign me in ‘


Choose for you for now for the future and for everything you hope to be – Sending you SO much love

Sheelagh and your team

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