A Christmas Message From Your Angels – Correct Video & Gift



Well Happy Christmas one and all – today of all days it’s important to be aware of the flow, not just ‘the flow’ but YOUR flow – which may or not be supportive of all that your mind and family say you ‘should do’ or be expected to do


The retrograde has brought some really interesting freqencies in but all of these challenges are to support you not to phase you – and they are all in the theme of divine timing allowing you to shift one moment at a time into the fullness that you came here to be and receive allowing you to create what is possible for you what is probable for you in a fuller and much less stressful way



For me the retrograde has really made me aware of how important it is to choose to be happy with ‘what is’ and let the inner voice of Source and your angels make it’s way through the chocca block outer world that we place so much of our focus on


The video I’m afraid that you received was the wrong one – and yet it highlights perfectly that this video at this moment IS the right video for you to watch now – and so with my love and my trust I am sharing the correct’ christmas message from your angels which as always is delivered to you in the perfect way at the perfect time – enjoy


This Christmas you are given an opportunity to look at what has been ‘too much ‘ for you and what feels ‘not enough’ and to realise we ALL put in far too much effort far too much mental energy and really – it didnt get us any further forward that is because we are now supposed to take ourselves into 2017 with NO rule book NO pre conceived ideas as to what’s supposed to happen and fully experience every moment as if it was our first and if it was our last


Will it be perfect – NO

Will it be easy – NO

Will you be able to achieve what you want -YES AND far more besides

THIS year you are asked and in fact directed to literally follow your heart you see your heart is how your angels connect with you and it’s how Source directs you – but so many of us listen ONLY to our head and it has a Very limited idea of whats possible it will take into account what has occurred in the past what is occurring now what resources you have how others around you feel and might react which has NOTHING TO DO with whats possible


Your angels can see a year from now what it’s possible for you to achieve and I PROMISE YOU it’s far bigger and more abundant than your mind can even dream of


My gift to you is a discount off my 1 hour session but ALSO a blessing from the angels that if you repeat ‘these words’ you will literally open your energy up to the blessings your team are ‘holding for you’ these are the energy seeds that will open and grow in your timeline and allow new beginnings to happen



If you’d like to experience the blessings that these words can bring please just close your eyes and repeat these very misleadingly powerful words


‘Dear Source I Completely Surrender My Path and Highest Good To You I completely Trust that you will guide me forwards one moment at a time I completely Allow things to flow as they should as they will no matter what my mind thinks of what’s occurring, Please connect fully with me and Allow me To Receive All That Is Possible in the most loving way thank you’


I’m also down to the last 2 spaces for my 1 hour with the angels if this is something you would like to spend an hour with YOUR angels first week in January then please click the buy it now button below we will


  • Look at the energy of the New Year For You
  • Find out what old energies you are taking forward
  • The easiest way for you to create with your signature
  • Receive a clearing on 1 area
  • Understand what’s possible for you that your mind cannot conceive of
For just two of you now your session will be scheduled on New years day for first week of Jan £77


For now though we want to say although the fun and games meant this video didn’t come to you in the ‘perceived right way’ we trust and allow and know it’s happened in entirely divine timing


With 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your angels

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