Clairvoyant Clearing

Clairvoyant Clearing

Clairvoyant Clearing

The clairvoyant clearing focuses on up to 2 areas and provides you with an opportunity to create space for something new to evolve

The methods I use are channelled and powerful and work quickly, and will help you gain leverage and a higher vantage point in all areas. Specifically, these clearings are great for career or business issues, relationship issues or spiritual ability upgrades.

So you have a good grasp on the situation but for some reason have been unable to change ‘what is’

Your Guides want you to know that you aren’t alone, and very often the reason you are unable to create change is because we pick up attachments in our energy fields, these attachments then become part of our energy signature yet they often block us from our true path, the clearings are designed to give you a head start in doing and manifesting what you came here to be and share with the world. Whilst results can’t be guaranteed you will be given much information as to the nature of the attachments you will also be given at least 1 tool to prevent this from occurring again. The clearing is a wonderful way of increasing what you are able to receive in terms of abundance and spiritual ability.


Clairvoyant Clearing – £99

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If you’re not sure if this is the path for you, get in touch with me. We can work together to find out exactly what may be disrupting your spiritual journey and development. Your guides know and want to work with you to help you and I understand that sometimes this can feel overwhelming but everything we do is at your pace. We know how you feel remember and are only here to be kind and support you in your life, your abundance and your overall wellbeing.


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