Clear Your Blocks To Your Life’s Purpose –


Clear your blocks to your life's purpose


Clear your blocks to your life’s purpose

Beautiful Soul I’m So excited to connect with you on this, the first day of September.  I love to work with Your spiritual team and find out how you can move closer to your fullest potential and help others to do the same.

We are in a momentous time, and this month we will be looking in depth at Life purpose what it is and how to manifest the blessings that flow when you are on your path.

Clearing our pathway allows us to get onto and live our life purpose, like the authentic lightworker you came here to be…..and those blocks have a way of being our greatest stepping stones.

For instance – right now, is there one area you are struggling with, just can’t make progress, and you are all out of options?

Is there one relationship or business issue that won’t resolve itself with patience and waiting?  Do you want to Know that things are going to be different for you this time round?

Those blocks are often so ingrained that we cannot see them or make them out easily with our ‘mind’ or our emotions.  You see every thought you have leaves an imprint in your aura that if tapped into even subconsciously activates a ‘picture’ that becomes animated and then flows in with ‘evidence’ into our ‘real every day life’

Clear your blocks to your life’s purpose

Luckily, I hear your team, and they want You to know that you Can move beyond those ‘issues’ and manifest results easily and we are going to highlight a few quick ways to kick start the process.

  1.  Ask to ‘see’ how many blocks there are between you and your desired outcome.  Sit quietly in openness and allow yourself to be shown a number is there 1,2,3 or more – you see once you know how many there are you relax knowing that you Are being given information as to how to move beyond them, the answer is only a few beats ahead.
  2. Ask to see if those blocks are emotional – very often if you get a ‘yes’ to this you have some clearing to do around attachment to the outcome.  Working on self love is a quick way to do this but you must consistently carry this forward other wise they can reappear.
  3. Ask to see if the blocks are mental – very often if you get a ‘yes’ to this then you have some work on patterns of thought, now where the patterns came from does matter because again if you have people around you with limited patterns of thinking, they seep into your mind space and become part of your frame of reference, note* have you ever heard anyone around you start to use your language, or have you started to notice you using ‘their’ words?  This is an example of what we are saying.
  4. Ask to see if the blocks are energetic – if you get a ‘yes’ to this then you have some auric clearing to do.  By being around or interacting with clients, bosses, family or spouses who have ‘stuff going down’ if we are not protected their stuff becomes ours, people with karmic issues in our lives become corded to us, and even past life bonds that were not meant to affect our business or our relationships can do…..if you get that the blocks are energetic, then time spent de cording, clearing and cleansing your business and your aura is vital, other wise the situation can continue

Clear your blocks now

Clear your blocks - life purpose

Now that you know what you are looking for, with some commitment and self care you should be able to turn this process around quickly and September is a time for moving into your Life Purpose with ease and speed.

Remember to call on your team, who want nothing more than to help you attract clients, develop your spiritual ability, receive abundance and enjoy your sacred path and they are there just waiting to help you manifest clarity today.

With infinite love and magic

Sheelagh and your team.


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  1. I absolutely love your website. I also love working with you. You are awesome and so inspirational. I wouldn’t be where I am today if I hadn’t found you…by the guidance of the Angels of course. I look forward to our continued journey. Thank you so very much.

  2. A totally different feel to your energy. Strong presence is my awareness. My interesting point of view is to change the photo you have in your banner with one that reflects you present energy which you share in the body of your info pages.
    How does it get any better than this? 🙂 Thanks for sharing and for being a model of following your heart and what truly is light for you. 🙂

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