Creating A New Reality With The Fae


So many of you right now are feeling tense stressed and concerned – these old layers are coming up to be peeled off to reveal the possibilities that lie beneath.  In the short term it can feel as if it’s all gone wrong before you realise everything that is happening is truly allowing for what matters to be clear and for you to proceed in a more trusting manner that ‘all is well’ than ever before……


Everything that is occurring is a mirror of something you believe, what happens then is that the static in the emotion that you feel in response to what you perceive goes out into the world and returns to you outcomes that are a replication of your energy

We Want to support you in these turbulent times in a way that you Know has opened up what’s possible for you because you made a choice that honours the love that you really are, all the separations, projections, hurts and stresses really are just mirrors of your unresolved fears, when these drop away only light remains – one of the most powerfully magical energies that I have ever enountered is the Fairies and they’re work regularly helps people :

  • Understand that you truly are safe no matter the illusions surrounding you
  • Help you release the perspectives that keep playing out
  • Changing your reality template so that new beliefs bring new abundant results
  • bring powerful healing energies into your aura, your relationships, your money and your life

‘Create A New Reality With The Fairies’ is my loving pre Christmas service to you – for just £77 you will receive

  • A 6 month forecast channelled by the Fae via email
  • A Channelled message by the Fae about your purpose for the year to come
  • A bonus Fairy Abundance Activation via mp3 which is yours to keep


There’s just no need to struggle on any more today – even the fact you have made this choice to reach out and gain a higher much more love based perspective will echo out into the Universe you will be supported at a higher level automatically

So – these sessions are only available for two weeks and im limiting them to 6 – i find the energies so powerful and like to work in a deeply healing way, so you can grab yours by clicking the button below – it’s all available to you it’s the time now to create that reality in a way that says a big loving ‘Yes ‘ to life

‘Yes Please I want the Fae to channel what’s coming and how i can apply a new belief template to my life to receive more love’……just £77 – these are REMOTE sessions

For now though we are asking you to do what you need to do but also to take time out to do what you want to do – life is short it is precious and it should be lived fully ‘no matter what’

With warmth love and 100% belief in you

Sheelagh and your team

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