Practical Ways To Cultivate Your Abundance This Spring

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Abundance sounds wonderful  yet we often don’t feel like we have it ‘yet’ – we feel that we are waiting for something to click something to come to us something to change so that Then we can say ‘yes Now I am abundant’.


‘You will never ever have everything you want – yet you will always have what you need.  ‘ Spirit shared this with me when I too was looking at various circumstances I wanted to move through and barriers that were coming in to help me grow.


So let me share a personal story, I am publishing a book, well I say that I am but the process is still underway with more delays than I though possible in the beginning, and much toing and froing.  When I asked spirit ‘how’ I can speed this up – ‘how’ I can achieve certain things within My time frame – they laughed.  They told me bluntly that I was falling for the same old belief that everyone does – that when I get there I will be fulfilled, but that I Am already ‘here’!



Accepting where you are right now isn’t easy if you are short on funds, short on energy and short on inspiration.  In fact trying to change ‘what is’ often robs you of the very thing you need in order for what you need to come in.  Here are 4 ways to cultivate abundance right now in order to Allow what wants to come to you to do just that ……

  • Clear your energy daily, of cords, attachments and stagnant energy – a good meditation can be used or simply getting a piece of paper with a human outline drawn on and with a pendulum ask where you are corded, blocked and stagnant it looks something like this   Spend some time going through the chakras, ask about cords to the auric body and Also ask about attachments of other kinds.  Whether you believe in angels or not you can simply direct white light into the affected area and ask that it is brought up to the highest level possible.
  • Fresh flowers in your most visited place – so having a bunch of fresh flowers split into the two main places you spend your time and breathing in the colors of those flowers really UPS your level of infusion of the god/good stuff the colors yellow orange and pink are the most helpful colors to use.
  • Identify the area you have the Most problem being positive about – and literally spend three mins a day visualisng white light going into it it is important you don’t focus on outcomes but literally breathe white into the situation and see it raising upwards – this raises the vibration hugely and will allow you to feel you are doing something positive.



  • Focus on what is going on right now that feels good or okay to you and KEEP DOING THIS even if you feel that you should be worrying or concerning yourself about ‘that thing’ focus instead on making tea, doing the washing, dealing with this situation in this moment
  • Use your breath, the breath is the fastest way to clear what is blocking you, imagine a golden light which is ‘creator energy’ and see it coming into your heart and then down up and ‘out’ see it going all the way to your 14th chakra (yes you do have them) and most importantly through your 9th chakra (about a foot above the crown) this is actually the ‘soul centre’ chakra which is the pinpoint of the abundance that you can receive it stores an equal amount of energy from your ‘soul self’ and ‘this self’ – so clearing this is vital for anything to change


Finally remember that cultivating an abundance mindset isn’t just about ‘what you’re producing’ it’s about what you feel and how much better it is to feel that way in the moment.  This is all about going ‘beyond’ the law of attraction and working with the energy you are being on all 34 levels of you ‘at this moment’


We wish you peace, acceptance, okayness and chillaxing in the month ahead, but when you hit a bump remember that’s a doorway to receiving even more expansion, go through it don’t avoid it.


If you would love some help clearing the blocks that are preventing your abundance from flowing in then consider a business, relationship or clairvoyant reading to assist you right where you need it – remember ‘god helps those who help heal themselves’


With abundant blessings

Sheelagh and Michael





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