‘Deal With Your Shit’ – Time For Truth

So I Just got back from a family break in Scotland I had the best of intentions of having a great time – sure we did all the family things which for us are mountain climbing, 9 mile hikes, and scaling waterfalls – but i truly had a reality check – 6 miles in to a hike round the loch after telling my husband post mountain scramble ‘I’m fine just taking my time’ my ankle went = hard and fast i fell, sobbed and cried


Now I could say I cried for the ‘victims of London, Manchester the world’ that is the ‘done thing’ it also isn’t true – I cried because of my own crap, frustrations and shit that despite my best ‘happy faces ‘remained in my face


I felt concern, empathy but NOT pity for you see I don’t believe in victims = not ever I belief in growth, evoloution grace and yes death too and I’ve seen all up close and personally


  • I was raped when I was 17 – I’m NO victim I CHOSE that
  • I was beaten despised and abused – my greatest ‘climb’
  • I was grief stricken when my mum died when I was 17 and again when my son was diagnosed as terminal

I also got back up and snotty nosed, bleary vision and heavy heart – carried the FUCK on…..


THIS is how I felt on the inside – i burned but i smiled – and there are people living this truth now – does it help them if you do that when it ‘didn’t happen to you ‘ – er NO


What helps Isn’t ignoring it and pretending ‘despite it all all is well’ yeah right ….

What helps Isn’t over empathising and adding to the collective belief ‘it’s going to happen again but when and to whom and where ‘

What helps is Sorting and dealing with your OWN SHIT NOT ignoring it so that you act as a real, snotty tired bleary eyed but fucking determined example that You ARE committed to growth



If you are Really committed to growth you will know deep down despite whatever magic wand practices you are following


  • Growth takes time and like having your Vajay waxed it can HURT (OUCH)
  • When you contract it feels like you’l never expand BUT at some level you enjoy it cos something (rather than no thing) is happening – i had this in my recent cancer scare
  • You don’t judge others you may not like them they may drive you mad you may think ‘er what ?’ but you know Not to judge
  • You know what goes down MUST come up and so you dig deep and you

Deal with your shit 



So I asked my daughter Kelly who is a 23 year old Journo who she felt was a woman who had ‘dealt with her shit’ and THIS is who she said – Nigella Lawson. Now at first glance I thought ‘no she’s not historic enough, she’s = well a normal woman she had an abusive marraige (check) is curvy (YUP check) multi mixed family (check) and er fucked up (did I offend you sorry I’m Real too – make that Another check) but you see this isn’t about ‘unlimited abundance that means i never have to grow and deal with life again’ it IS about growing, hurting learning and EXPANDING


If you aren’t hurting or constricting or worried SOME of the time – then That’s why your not manifesting


This isn’t disney land it’s earth you came here to GROW and ALSO experience joy fun abundance sex love money not ONLY that – comprende


So ARE you dealing with your shit ? Or are you pretending it’s all Okay ?


if it’s not working (because if it isn’t you’l know it) message me for my complimentary Soul Fire webinar replay which happens Thursday 8th June No catch just an opportunity to ‘deal with what’s stopping your flow’


I’ll be straight i DO have pink hair, I DO see unicorns i Do hear angels

i also Deal with Shit for my clients daily

the ones that do well really very well are the ones who KEEP IT UP

The peeps that are looking for a magic wand just don’t get one

But if you are ready to integrate celebrate and BE who you REALLY ARE at soul level your life WILL change


I did this over the last 2 months

i changed a cancer diagnosis
i rid myself of heartbreaking worries

i celebrated the fact im not perfect I fuck up and i like it that way Im Who i came here to be and reaping the rewards of it


I don’t want you to try and keep your husband happy

or your mother in fucking law

or your sister in sodding law

or your ‘boss’

I want YOU to be happy and the divine wants that too


One more picture just because it makes me smile and that’s gotta be worth something


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    Hello dear one! Greetings from Florida!! Would love to view upcoming webinar 6/8/17! Feeling stuck right now and could use some guidance? Thank you for you!!

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