How Developing Your Gifts Helps Means Spiritual Success



So you are always meaning to expand and deepen your inner wisdom, but you aren’t sure exactly how that would benefit you ‘real world’ time?  Did you know that when we develop our awareness of our higher guidance we expand as a Soul, and when WE expand, so does every part of our life, from our relationships all the through to our Career,and ultimately Life Purpose!


So many people right now are feeling they want ‘more’…..more clients who they love to work with, more connection with their spiritual teams, more insight on ‘how’ to make certain outcomes manifest, and yes more money too.



Did you know you were designed this way, you were designed Not to be content with what you have, to always be seeking to expand on what is and into what is not yet?

Did you know that the fastest way to Receive ‘what you want more of ‘ is to expand your awareness of self, what needs healing, what needs clearing, and what you are ‘meant’ to be doing for yourself and others at soul level?

Did you know that you, have a host of spiritual gifts that you have only tapped into in the lightest way, and yes, you were given these to manifest all of those outcomes that feel lightyears away at this time?


Going back 8 years ago I started this journey myself.  I took myself off to a psychic development class and I lasted 3 weeks before walking out, as for me haunted house energy and dead folks just didn’t fit.


Yet I came back to it in the loudest way when my small son was ill.  And I learnt that there are a bunch of practical reasons why working with energy makes so much sense.

Put straightly when you work with the right kind of pure positive energy you will be able to:

  • Know what decision to make and when regarding relationships, career, business and domestic life
  • Know what is ‘meant’ for you and what most certainly isn’t
  • Know ‘who’ is meant for you and who is ‘just for now’ this applies to lovers, friends even jobs
  • Know ‘how’ to manifest what you need and when you need it this included money abundance guidance and much more
  • Realise When you are walking towards fulfilling your purpose and when you have stepped off your path
  • Be able to help others that are further behind at this time
  • Be able to receive support, guidance and healing on any topic including your abilities, love and career
  • Be able to attract Soul Clients that appreciate you, Jobs that enrich you, Lovers that Adore you!




I regularly see the most intuitive people doubting themselves.  These doubts can affect their ability to move onto their souls path, and it means missed opportunities, relationships that never were, and business’s that never expand as they were meant to


Developing your intuition helps you have spiritual success because:

  • When your awareness of what is right is clear you can get on and take that next practical step
  • You will know yourself in a much deeper way, and your clients will sense that and commit
  • You will be able to trust that ‘yes this feels good ‘ and your vibration will attract even more success
  • You are naturally a match for increased abundance and money when your emotional and spiritual pwer increases
  • When you work with pure positive energy of guides and angels, you Attract pure positive energy, outcomes, people and events usually beyond anything you have experienced before


I have been developing Empathic and Intuitive people for over five years, and Some of the side effects of development have been

  • They become aware of what they want and need to change
  • They get jobs that seemed out of reach
  • They receive unexpected sums of money to further their development
  • Their partners also reveal a spiritual side
  • Relationships grow closer
  • They have more fun, sensuality, freedom, success
  • Career and business blossoms too

When you think of it, if YOU expand, how can all areas of your life NOT expand, it isn’t possible.  It’s like excersising your legs, your tummy and bum will ALSO tone up, it’s a given it will happen.


I am SO passionate about people developing their gifts I want everyone to find a piece of themselves that they had forgotten, and to this end I am giving you a gift from my heart to yours.  Below is a complimentary audio titled Develop Your Gifts With Your Team.  It’s healing, nourishing and if you trust it, could be life changing too!




We love you and we wish you magic and love

Sheelagh and the angels

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