Dolphins Unicorns & Abundance


Wherever you are in the world I hope your moving through with ease & also happy – I also hope things arent stagnant for you – yet what I’m seeing is the ‘battoning down of the hatches’ producing much more chaos in peoples personal lives than they expected or want to admit is present – and sometimes we just need some light relief


Unicorns and Dolphins are real both in energetic form and Dolphins at least for now in physical form and these are just some of the beautiful light beings along with Fairies and Seraphim that I work with to cleanse and reprogramme my aura – allowing me to have a 7th dimensional energy field that Must manifest on earth


I want this for you too – i won’t say there are no challenges but what I will say is when you are radiant with light the challenge is seen for what it is understood and moved through often within days if not hours and then you receive your next download from your team


On 18th August I will be hosting a Very Special course “Heavenly Dimensions’ is where ovr 4 weeks I will take you on at least 6 journeys to heaven and give you ‘Lightbeing astral travel’ and ‘starbeing astral travel’ so you can visit our destinations at will to receive healing whilst you sleep


There are all manner of treatments you can receive directly into your aura including


Heavenly Abundance, Heavenly love, Soulmate healing, Financial healing and Much more


But its no good if you don’t know where to go or who to ask – that part we teach you safely and with oodles of light around you



What I Love *love love about light beings is they are willing to help you through anything that overwhelms you and in lending you their perspective these things are made so much easier with miracles occurring just when you need them the most


Heavenly Dimensions includes


weekly readings and healings

weekly Trance Tuition as part of a group

Weekly Activations for your life path in all areas


and it’s only a £50 *non refundable deposit to book and secure your place with a remaining £99 to be paid by 16th August – 4 weeks of pragmatic and magical support for a snip……



We will also be visiting Loved ones and where they live in heaven and meeting members of our personal soul council to advise you on difficult life issues – I would LOVE to help you right when you need it most – and it is As magic as fuck ….



click here if you need sparkles healing and readings – to book your space and wel do the rest * and you don’t need to be live *though Alive is good – all calls are recorded and sent to you to enjoy at your own pace paypal.me/sheelaghmariacom


Sending you OODLES of love support and magic – the rest is now up to you



Sheelagh and the Unicorns and Dolphins

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