Drop the act, and all the problems that go with it – get on with it now please…..

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So this is me, terrified of falling, having a ‘how the hell did I wind up here moment, several thousand feet off the ground on a rock face in windy Cumbria.


The reason I have posted this is simple, I’m seeing many people too afraid of growing because they may ‘lose’ someone or ‘be abandonned’ by the people around them in some way.  I shared last week that I had to walk away from a very old and dearly beloved friend, who clearly was not a match for me anymore, that was my choice, but the Universe made it pretty clear certain things couldn’t manifest without I honoured myself.


I’m also going through this in other ways letting go of clients that whilst lovely are not on my vibrational wavelength any more, in order to work with the truly talented, spiritprenears, clairaudiant’s and channellers that I am contracted to work with.


I admit, feeling their anger, even the righteousness that I cannot do this, wasn’t and isn’t nice, but this energy is out of sync with the abundant resources and limitless possibilities that ‘The Three’ are showing to me and my new breed of ‘let’s get on with it’ soul client – and yes, even though they may be ‘right’ that does not mean they are ‘right for me ‘ this is said with very much love to them and for them.


What I haven’t shared, is that some of these ‘gleanings’ came as a result of a mix up on my part, either I got the appointment wrong, or I miscalculated an invoice, or I was straight with them when they weren’t picking up correctly on what spirit were showing them, and having explained this to them gently, they were affronted they weren’t a clairvoyant in a few short sessions.


So part of ‘dropping the act’ for me came from admitting where I wasn’t having fun working any more, it came from having to explain to some people they couldn’t cash in their unspent sessions 6 months later, and yes even people who had cancelled sessions but then felt affronted that I wasn’t immediately avaialable.  It was all an eye opener to when spirit said ‘these special souls are not going on the same path as you, but These special souls are….walk on Sheelagh’


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Now you’l see in THIS picture I’m pulling ‘one helluva face’ and spirit asked me to share this because – you are likely pulling one helluva face energetically at some parts of your reality right now.  I am seeing people be absoloutely rocked to the core by

  • relationships that are just not working from one week to the next
  • Business and career issues getting cloudier, harder and more untenable
  • Clients dropping off  losing interest or unhappy that you can’t give what They expect
  • Money becoming a real issue, not enough and not enough feeling good
  • Sensing that there are some issues you can’t avoid but my god you’re going to do your best
  • Health issues for yourself or those around you ‘scares’ coming in
  • Trust issues rearing their head and overwhelm

Spirit are asking me to be blunt, you must not waste your energy resisting any of what needs to come forth, your soul will only have to bring it to you in a bigger way if you will refuse to admit what isn’t flowing any more, no amount of effort, determinedly trying to ‘fix that man’ or even holding your breath until your bank balance improves is going to work, sweet gorgeous soul you may just need to admit that this ‘this’ is where you need to drop the act.




You may NOT feel like this quickly, but projecting into a future where you have not faced what you needed too – won’t get you there.


What will get you there though is growing as you were designed too – where ever you are doing too much for people, wherever you are scared to say ‘no’ wheever you are pretending you are okay with things, that you are not, and where you are pretending that you are smaller than you are – all needs to stop, in order that your relationship will evolve, your money will flow, and your business will expand.


Whilst you are in resistance to what is lurking, whilst you are scared that you’ll be walking your path on your own so you pretend that his moods, her rudeness, and that client who never respects your time or energy you are denying yourself EVERYTHING you are trying to manifest


rabbit hole


In the short term it may mean

  • Stepping back and letting people discover their own preferences
  • Moving on and admitting ‘this one’ you can’t do for them
  • Admitting you do have money/relationship/health issues but understanding they are keys to growth
  • Admitting you do not know what the next step is and you are damn scared
  • Admitting you need some help or reassurance even a tiny amount of support would get you back on your feet

I’d like to share something really personal – as a result of my own growth, I have decided that I will ONLY work with people whose vibration is on ‘my level’ this has meant saying ‘goodbye’ to some people, and having a space where sometimes I had time to kill.

Financially I have a challenge, I’ve got a HUGE tax bill as a result of spirit being very generous with me – but it’s caught up, I have to fork out and it scared me still does if I’m honest

In regards to my gift, I have now realised exactly where my path is taking me, teaching channelling to those that are ready, public channelling appearances, collaborations with amazing channels, and also the launching of my soon course’ Psychic School’ for all you talented people…….


Yet I had to go through a space where I had to ask my husband for help, in certain areas I needed someone to be there for me, to cheer me on and spur me on, I also had to feel quite small in front of my amazing mentor when learning a skill right outside of my comfort zone – you know what I’m so glad i did


Let me share with you what spirit want you to know




  • You are now in ‘the age of support’ and it’s there if you will ask for it and take it
  • You are now (YES YOU) awakening to new levels of spiritual gifts that until April have been dormant
  • Yes you are being challenged, but your new beginnings are just a hop and a skip away
  • Yes you are scared, ‘your’e meant to be’ lifetimes worth of energy is leaving you darling, and in order to get rid of it you must let it out
  • You ARE a lightworker, if you have gone through all of this long newsletter, there is no doubt you came here for the acsension of yourself and others you just have some healing and growing to do first
  • Your purpose DOES include helping others,
  • You have to help yourself first
  • Anyone who is meant to be with you will NOT leave your experience – if you grow they grow your soul contract is designed to ‘give’ at both ends, but if you STOP and REFUSE to grow, then it becomes redundant
  • Your life purpose DOES include over coming exactly what scares you shitless right now

I truly wholeheartedly understand how scary it can be – and I mean it when I say that it’s worth it


I am writing this as your guides asked me to point out that nothing worth having comes over night, it doesn’t come as a result of endless forced happy thoughts, it doesn’t come by sticking to what you know, it doesn’t come by projecting into the future or only taking up ‘free offers’ it certainly will never come if you do not SHOW the universe it’s going to change

higher self

The above picture shows the aura, and also the energy above the aura, your higher self DOES have a plan, and your team know exactly what’s going on – none of that is of any use at all if YOU dont have a clue….pointless if you don’t understand the why, how can you get to the what and the how?


Next week – I’m opening up 3 slots for 3 no holds barred clarity calls – I normally Only offer these to people that are genuinely interested in coaching.  I’m offering these to people who know they need ‘some help’ but are not sure what or how that may happen.  If you are interested in a reading with me of £77 or above, then I’ll happily offer you one


Lots of coaches are giving away far too much, in this new space of support whilst I will support you I will not do it for you, and I 100% honour my gift and my connection with spirit, I also honour your ability to invest in yourself if you truly want those changes


These three sessions will be gifted to those that spirit show me are on the brink of ‘breaking through’ – if this feels like you and you are ready to commit to yourself, then please do use the contact form and tell me what’s going on for you and how you feel you would like it to change – if spirit indicates that you are someone with a real desire to be the change you wish to see I’ll be in contact


Remember – it all starts with a choice, an awareness that you don’t want to continue to go round in these cycles, and a knowing that your life is not meant to be so damn hard.  It can and will be much easier if you only make the choice to stop being and doing for others what they are not doing for themselves, and to right now start and honour your own growth, gifts and purpose


‘to you’ we say raising our glass sky high


In love, magic and miracles

Sheelagh and The Three

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