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Let me guide you to the answers you need I work with the
Spirit World on all topics but specialise in Spirit Guides, Angels & Psychic Development

Your most urgent problems DO have an answer, but often it’s not visible from
where you are, however, your guides are standing by wanting to assist you so
that you can move forward with ease

Psychic Readings

Next Steps Psychic Reading


Live via Zoom

Archangel Michael Psychic healing Modality
£399 or
3 Payments of £148

1 Question Same Day Psychic Reading


1 Soul Purpose Reading 


Hearing Your Higher Self 

£399 or 2 Payments of £199


Psychic Power Clearings

2 Sessions £125


 Psychic Ability Reading


 Soulmate / Twin

flame Reading £55

Money Abundance Your Fate & Fortune 2023 £66

Angel Power healing For Your Life


3 sessions with the archangels to heal any area in your life that is not flowing as it should
I work with powerful Archangelic Energy to remove the blocks and to give you the understanding of your life purpose so that you can move forward with more ease this package consists of 3 45 min sessions, a personal healing Meditation channelled just for you, and mini readings as we go in your sessions.
The angel healing package is ideal if you are experiencing issues in a relationship or blocks to your happiness and wellbeing. 

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The Complete Mediumship Course

Spiritual Growth Session


This super special session focuses on any area of your life that you need help with now, over an hour we will dive into the meaning behind certain events and cycles and connect you with your Master Guide for more guidance
We will also talk to you about the current karmic energies at play around you and what they are asking ‘of you’ and what there is ‘for you’ as you navigate this pivotal time
The Spiritual Growth session comes complete with guidance from your team about the impact you wanted to make upon the world and is perfect for those who want to awaken others on their journey. This session includes an in-depth clearing of karmic energy and soul contracts that are holding you back we will also guide you to the new beginnings coming in for you over the coming months
If you have hit a brick wall with your Spiritual growth and want to understand your purpose in greater detail then this is for you

Angelic Business Coaching


3 sessions with the angels to help you take the next step with your Spiritual business.
I have been in business for over 16 years and over. This time the angels have given me the tools I needed to find the people I’m here to help. In this package they will do the same for you.
From clarifying what your Soul purpose is professionally through to giving you actual copy to promote yourself to the world, the angels will pinpoint exactly what your unique offerings could be
3 sessions focusing on :
Your Client Niche
Programme and session suggestions
Colours for web copy
Business Energising & client Attraction healing
This package is perfect for those who have no idea exactly how to shine their light so others can easily find you.

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