Empathic Overwhelm versus Empowered Abundance …….Here’s How



Empathic Overwhelm affects every awakened person irrespective of your spiritual beliefs, intelligence and career choice – it plays havoc with everything including your earning capacity, ability to attract abundance and even long term relationships



Symptoms of Empathic Overwhelm are :

  • Money situations getting tighter and more limited
  • Relationships hitting continued rocky patches
  • Mood swings and emotions near the surface
  • Upsetting dreams
  • Health issues resurfacing and low energy
  • Clumsiness & not being understood by the people you love/like
  • Clients falling off the radar and no amount of effort improves this
  • No clarity with your path and feeling as though you are ‘blocked’
  • One drama and crisis after another often in multiple areas



Below is a short video where I share Why this happens and what you can do about it –







We know it can feel as if you just can’t DO anything with where you are sometimes you just don’t have the energy to be positive and strong and decisive – – that’s where we come in in a 1 hour session with me you will receive


  • Clarity on your most urgent questions from a higher perspective
  • Your Core Soul essence & Current soul Assignment explained
  • Healing on the money love and karmic energies affecting you
  • Clearing of past lives affecting you
  • A full 20 chakra clearing to allow your flow to increase
  • Messages from your Angelic Archetype
  • Downloads of energetic medicine to improve your energy & clarity


For the next 7 days I’m offering 6 people a 1 hour clearing with me & the angels for just £99 – these are indepth clearings designed to get you on the right path – you will need to be flexible on times and you will need to be live with me – we SO want to help you but you must help yourself first



Clients have literally experienced massive breakthroughs with my clearings within days not weeks people have told me : 

  • ‘I left my toxic marraige and started a relationship with my soul mate’
  • They have applied for jobs that they thought they weren’t qualified for – and got them
  • They have grown closer to partners that were negative & grumpy
  • Mortgages, bank loans and even new high paying contracts have come in hours
  • they start to hear angels and see ‘angel lights’
  • Been able to do things they haven’t been able to do physically


We So want this for you – so much so that we are going to include a FREE ‘Love Money & Blessings Bomb’  as our gift to you – this contains a ‘magic universal money mantra’ that I have used over the past two years it literally works miracles


‘Yes Please I truly need some help right now – I just want life to be easier and more abundant – I’m 1 of your 6’

We love you SO much – we ALL need love and abundance – this crystal below is an energetically charged symbol we are gifting to you if you would like to receive a burst of healing please just say ‘yes’ with a soft smile and an open heart and it will come into yours



Sending you so much love

Sheelagh and your angels

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